A brief guide to Greece

Greece is the spiritual home of the Olympic Games in a land with a long, rich history and culture. There are 15 million tourists visit the country to witness and explore its beautiful island and unique values. The climate features mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers and are present in all coastal areas. Heavy snowfalls only appear on mountainous areas of Northwestern Greece every year. The official language is Greek and their money is Euro.

If you want to explore its rich culture then you might want to explore and experience these:

Explore the Acropolis – It is the most famous symbol of Greece where the majestic Parthenon is located. You can watch the lights and sound of the Olympus at night.

Visit Ancient Agora – Located at the South of Acropolis, the historical place where beautiful events and gathering happened. This place is used to be a sacred site where several sanctuaries scattered and Greek Archeological Society tags it for their archeological diggings.

See the beautiful skyline of Athens – When you can take a tour by helicopter in Athens then you will be lucky enough to see the magnificent landmarks of Athens for 30 minutes on daylight hours.

Join the Marathon every November – The Athens marathon takes place once a year on November and it usually takes the route of the Olympic marathon.

Experience Greek History through the Archeological Museums – See the King’s death mask being one of the historical artifact dates back to 16th century. More Schliemann’s Agamemnon collection should be explored inside the museum.

Hike down on the Vindos Gorge – It has been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as the deepest gorge in the world. There are different kinds of plants and animals to be seen that are unique in the region.

Crete – Set your mood and relax in the Mediterranean breeze and the beautiful white – washed houses of the famous island of Crete.

Join the Rockwave Festival – Numerous band and artists perform in three different stages on this three day event.

Greek food is popular for for good reason. If you are in Greece, try their local delicacies such as:

Tzatziki – Their version of yoghurt that usually served with chopped cucumber, olive oil and garlic that is accompanied with garlic bread.

Saganaki – Different varieties of cheese that are fired and garnish with lemon.

Keftedaka – This is an excellent dish of fried meatballs and garlic bread.

Horiataki Salata – the “Greek salad”, mix of fresh tomatoes, olives, cucumber, onions, green pepper, feta cheese, olive oil and oregano.

Paidakia – grilled lamb’s ribs served with lemon

Greece is a large producer of wines and local alcohols. You may try their:

Tsipouro – drink with ice or add some water because this is a really strong alcohol

Ouzo – this is the trademark of Greece, a strong alcohol and should be consume straight

Greeks are very proud of their culture, and why? They have great diverse cultures from East to West. Their traditions contribute a large part of the identity of Greece like their religion, music, language, food and wines.