7 Quirkiest Cities in America

Do you consider yourself a travel geek? Do you love to visit the surreal, odd, and downright strange places in the world? Well, if you’re looking for quirky travel ideas, then look no further than some of these quirky cities in America. They’re bound to leave you talking and give you plenty of photo album fodder for months to come.


1 – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon tops most lists in terms of being a totally geeky travel destination. From the city’s growing food cart scene to the many odd attractions – the world’s smallest park, statues that have inspired TV shows – as well as one of the world’s “hipster” capitals, Portland is quirky.

2 – Asheville, North Carolina

Similar to Portland, Asheville is a food cart and brewery haven. But despite being home to such famous luxury resorts like the Grove Park Inn and the Biltmore, inner Asheville is filled with unique, strange restaurants (think weird combinations, like Hawaiian and Mexican), and crazy tours, like the famous purple bus!

3 – Key West, Florida

Key West is so quirky it almost detached itself from the United States. Tucked away at the tip of florida, connected only by a two lane causeway to the mainland (and closer to Cuba than anything else), Key West is a party town perfect for just about anyone. Beaches are fun, bars are raucous, shops are wild. Geeks who want to let loose come to Key West.

4 – Seattle, Washington

Although mostly known as the city of grunge rock and Starbucks, Seattle has a lot of quirk going on (perhaps it is a Pacific Northwest thing?) Highlights of a quirky tour would include the infamous gum wall – don’t touch! – the massive Fremont troll, and then a wander through the city’s many neighborhoods, all of which can be unique and different.

5 – Austin, Texas

When you visit Austin you won’t believe you’re in Texas. The city is a magnet for unique culture, entrepreneurs, and a fantastic lifestyle that feels decidedly not Texas, which is often cited as being old fashioned. Whether you go for a traditional BBQ or sampling the city’s cupcake parlors, get a tattoo, or go for a run along the inner city lake, you’ll love the Austin lifestyle.

6 – Providence, Rhode Island

When you strip out a massive freeway and put in canals and public parks in a downtown American city, what do you go? The awesomeness that is Providence. Known as America’s “creative capital,” Providence has its famous Waterfire festival each summer, but even if you can’t make it, enjoy some of the gastronomic delights and perhaps a spot of shopping as well.

7 – San Francisco, California

Perhaps easily called America’s “original” quirky town, San Francisco has always been a “life life however you want” town and thus you have neighborhoods of all shapes and sizes. Whether you want to explore drag queen bars or walk down the world’s crookedest streets, you can do all that here in this town, as well as great daytrips to vineyards and beaches. What’s not to like?