Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport must be famous mostly among those folk in Fife, Stirling or Perth; Glaswegians requiring something other than the flights they can get out Prestwick; and Londoners on business trips making the weekly commute. But, yes, there is an airport in Edinburgh! It’s handy in its location and facilities and, because of the range of flights heading in and out of this little hub, it gets a thumbs up from me (a self-confessed travel-addict) and a recommendation for running checks on available flights for cheap deals.

My latest Edinburgh Airport experience included a stay at the Hilton Airport Hotel, Edinburgh. It was well-worth planning ahead to get the night before to relax, work out, eat a decent meal and get a great night’s sleep ahead of my long-haul flight. The dedicated airport shuttle that takes you through the outskirts of Edinburgh (for a bargain return journey ticket price) makes for a stress-free connection. For anyone heading in from Glasgow, it’s a short stretch East along the A8. Flyers from Stirling come via the M9 and those from Perth down the M90. Parking is well-catered for so you can check out the short or long term stays if that’s going to be most convenient for you.

In terms of restaurants, pubs, bars and shops, there is everything you would expect from a compact, efficient hub, as well as the ever-important duty free shopping – of course famous for world class whiskies. The atmosphere is very relaxed, in the rolling countryside just outside Edinburgh, so for those looking for a hassle-free connection or peaceful start to a holiday I would encourage people to take a look at the flights heading out from the two runways. For stats buffs, I noticed on a rather cute poster that they see more than 100,000 flights passing through each year – not too shabby!

Having enjoyed an evening in Edinburgh the night before my flight, and having passed through Fife’s transport hub a few times before, my high expectations of welcoming Scottish service wasn’t disappointed. Check-in is no nonsense and breezy. My coffee was just how I asked for it and I wasn’t rushed off, but left to enjoy my book and downtime ahead of flying. This must be especially because the mood is far removed from that you get in the bigger airports.

I realised after all this chilling out I had forgot to pack my adapter, but was pleasantly surprised to pick up a bargain set in the airport so that mild panic was over as soon as it started. Anyone wanting to change money can use the bureau. I noticed plenty of cute gifts, and of course classic Scottish souvenirs featuring the Saltire and tartan in appropriate amounts for those not wishing to return home empty-handed! Everyone seemed to be enjoying their snacks and drinks ahead of flying out, and the lounges are plenty spacious and comfortable. This is definitely a very different mode of flying, and one that everyone should try in my opinion!

Top 5 destinations for Christmas travel

Winter is the season to plan out your holidays and travel to other places. Everyone wants to go out on a holiday during wintertime for Christmas so that they can experience the celebrations differently at different places. Planning out Christmas holidays is surely a fun thing to do but finalizing which place to go may get difficult sometimes. There are many different places that you can visit during Christmastime but here are top 5 destinations for Christmas travel.


Paris has been very popular among people to spend their Christmas outside their home country. This fashion capital of the world offers unforgettable experience to holiday revelers who enjoy the Christmas celebrations here with much pomp and show. Paris promises to take you on a gastronomical journey with its finest food and French wine. The lighting and celebrations at Champs Elysees and Notre Dame Cathedral and the sparkling fireworks is sure to mesmerize any holiday maker.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, the land of casinos, is a hot favorite among people considering different places for their Christmas holidays. They love to travel to this Sin City to experience Christmas in a different and memorable way. Every casino has something different to offer than the rest. The experience at The Freemont Street is truly memorable. The Ethel M Chocolate factory is the place to be if you are with children. They will love to see the chocolate making process and try on some chocolates.

New York

One of the hottest among the top 5 destinations for Christmas travel is New York. The Big Apple is very cold during Christmas but that doesn’t stop holiday revelers from enjoying what this city has to offer. The favorite activity among people to do here is ice skating at the Rockfeller Centre and shopping endlessly at the Fifth Avenue. Apart from that, people also get immense pleasure in attending the Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Rio de Janeiro

This Brazilian city is a very interesting place to visit during Christmas. People here on a holiday love the music concerts and they enjoy the fascination of its religious places, craft shows and Christmas fairs. The center of attraction here is the floating colossal Christmas tree on Lake Lagoa.

Switzerland: What’s a Christmas without playing with snow? Although many places are covered with snow during winter but there’s no place better than Switzerland. Ice skating, snowboarding and skiing are passé, move over to curling, frozen river trekking and country skiing. Your Christmas at Switzerland will surely be a time well spent and well preserved in your memory.

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The Most Popular Jobs that Travel

The Most Popular Jobs that Travel

Travelling is a very enriching experience and one of the best ways to see the world with minimal costs. The way to do this is to get one of the most popular jobs that travel. Almost everybody dreams of going and seeing the different parts of the world. Travelling is something that gives anybody, young or old, a different thrill and excitement, and some people are extremely lucky to have a job that lets them travel while being paid for it.

Want to see the world while you work? The most popular travel jobs include:

International Correspondent/Travel Writer

These dream jobs let you have the best of both worlds. You love your profession, enjoy your work and get to see exciting places at no cost–even travelling documents and accommodations are arranged for you. Additionally, because you are with the media, you often get special treatment in your place of destination. The exception to this would be if your assignment is located in a hostile location, such as in a war-torn area. You could start your own travel blog or website, but these things take time to generate enough revenue to give you flexibility to travel as you wish.

Multi-national Company Business Executive or Business Analyst

If you hold at least a supervisory or higher position in a multi-national or international company, you have the chance to visit or be assigned to branches or offices overseas, to include different countries. Industries like oil companies, communication giants and semi-conductor companies are usually the businesses with world-wide operations. There are roles are varying levels that travel, so its best to do a lot of research and set expectations before accepting any job.

Pilot/Cruise Ship Captain/Flight Stewardess/Cabin Crew

Being a commercial pilot or cruise ship captain is a very luxurious job. You get to see exotic destinations that mostly only a privileged few can afford to go to. Of course, these jobs require extensive training, strict discipline and fit physical condition. Flight stewardesses and cabin crew members work up to twelve hours a day and often deal with unappreciative passengers and guests. The compensation, however, is sometimes not very good and you only get to spend your weekends and free time in beautiful foreign lands after many years of working up the ranks to gain seniority.

Military Service and Undercover Agent

The government takes care of all your travelling requirements and expenses. While serving your country or doing the thrilling duties of a secret agent, you experience the culture of the countries where you are assigned. The downside of these jobs are obviously your opportunity for leisure is severely restricted, and in some cases you might be traveling to unsafe places!

Volunteer in Non-Government Organizations

Working with NGO’s is pro bono, you just get an allowance. But you gain free travel through international missions and it is very rewarding because NGO workers usually are selfless individuals who aim to give out goodwill especially to the less fortunate ones.

These are the wonderful and most popular jobs that travel and allow you to realize your dream to go on a world tour without paying for the expenses.

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The Most Inspiring Books About Travel

Books play a very important role in initiating our travel plans as they inspire us and makes us restless. The most inspiring books about travel create wanderlust in people who wish to travel endlessly to discover newer things and experience different events. These books are great as they also enable us to travel the world without even moving a step. We can read these books and let our imaginations take over: one moment we are in front of Disneyland, the other moment in front of the Eiffel Tower and yet another moment at the Great Wall of China. Such is the power of travel books!

There are some inspiring books about travel that create restlessness in us and fuel the desire to travel and explore different places. Everyone loves travel quotes and sayings. The most inspiring books about travel include:

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, by Robert M. Pirsig, is an inspiring travel book that makes us explore philosophy in different ways. It is not actually based upon motorcycle maintenance but the term is used as a metaphor that takes its readers on a mental journey. However, motorcycles, roads and sceneries are used in this book.

The Alchemist

Some say if you haven’t read the alchemist, you haven’t lived. Written by prolific writer by Paulo Coelho, it is considered as the best and one of the most inspiring books about travel. This story is about Santiago who goes out on a personal journey in search of his dreams. This book conveys a message to people that they should listen to their heart and travel leaving things behind.


Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha is similar to the journey taken by Santiago in The Alchemist. In this story, a young guy meets and learns from many people down the road while he is traveling in search of enlightenment. This travel book takes its readers on a spiritual journey and strikes at their heart with its simplicity and honesty.


Rolf Potts presents his traveling years in a collection of stories in a book titled Vagabonding. In this book he suggests places that one must see while touring the world and also provides helpful advices and inspiration to any reader. This book proves that traveling is not only meant for rich people as it shares the idea to live cheaply on a budget without compromising the luxury of travel.

4 Hour Work Week

The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss is one of the most inspiring books about travel as it compels the reader to think about his life’s plans and remake them so that he can consider traveling the world and quench his thirst of wandering. If you’re wanting to find a dream travel job, then Tim’s book is a good one to read (best enjoyed with a grain of salt!).

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The Best Hotels with a View

It is quite a moving experience to stay in the best hotels with a view that is both breathtaking and spectacular; witnessing magnificent sights, whether manmade or created by nature, is a rare privilege. There are a number of hotels around the world which are constructed and built for the sole purpose of letting guests see the wonders surrounding the area where these hotels are located. Even the most discerning travelers are inspired and awed during their stay and just can’t wait to share the one of a kind experience with their families and friends.

North America

In the United States, two of the best hotels with a view which earned accolades and awards from prestigious international organizations can be found in Wyoming and New York. The Amangani, a self-professed luxury resort hotel, in Jackson Hole Wyoming, is one such resort. Pictured above, the hotel was built to expose a magnificent natural phenomenon, known as the majestic Grand Tetons. The snow-capped mountain peaks, where many wild animals wander innocently, are both dramatic and prodigious. Back in the ‘city jungle’, Jumeirah Essex House, often called the Grand Dame of New York is located at the heart of Manhattan showcasing breathtaking views of Central Park.


Europe, being a graceful continent, has Hotel Caesar Augustus and the Hassler Hotel among its world famous hotels with a view. Caesar Augustus is located on a cliff 1,000 ft above sea level. It provides one of the most stunning vistas where guests can enjoy the view of the entire Bay of Naples and everything that takes place over it–including the amazing beauty of Mount Vesuvius, Ischia and Sorrento. The Hassler Hotel, although small, has the unbeatable location which is on top of the Spanish steps. The suites of Hassler offer the heart stopping views of the Eternal City with its exquisite frescos and boiserie.


In the exotic and hospitable islands of Asia, the guests get to enjoy the best hotels with a view at Oberoi Amarvilas in India and the Ritz Carlton in Tokyo. The Oberoi Amravillas is just 600 meters away from the Taj Majal, the monument built for love. The spectacular private view of the Taj Majal from your room will take you back to the age of valiant but romantic Princes and Emperors. In contrast, the Ritz Carlton is one of the most remarkable skyscrapers in Tokyo, the diplomatic and business hub of Japan. It lets the guests revel the ancient temples and ruins in the nearby areas and it features a 360 degree panoramic view of Tokyo Tower and Mount Fuji.

Wherever you may want spend an escapade with delightful images of the ancient and modern world while relaxing at the privy of your own room, use a hotel booking site and find the best hotels with a view.

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