Reasons Why You Should Visit New Zealand

New Zealand might be a small country, but it’s a striking and memorable one. This bewitching country is made up of several islands and has a population of over four million hospitable and friendly people. While New Zealand might not be easily accessible, it’s one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the whole world.

Reasons Why You Should Visit New Zealand

There are several very good reasons why New Zealand is the best place to be now.

The unbelievable, pristine scenery: There’s a reason why the epic The Lord of the Rings was shot in New Zealand. The country has one of the most divergent environments in the world. The country has everything, from beaches, glaciers, lakes, rainforests, mountains and volcanoes.

Friendly New Zealanders: The people are naturally friendly, hospitable and warm. Everyone has a ready smile anywhere you go.

The beautiful weather: New Zealand has the four main seasons, but they’re not extremely hot or cold. Any time of the year is the best time to explore the wonders of the country.

The unique culture: New Zealand is a melting pot of Maori and European culture that has translated into a vibrant, happy and peaceful society.

Take the Guided Tour

There are so many things to do and places to see in New Zealand. And the best way to see it is by going on a guided tour organized by reliable travel companies. They can organize trips that will let you see the best that the country has to offer in the time that you have. To give you a better idea, here’s a typical itinerary for a 6 day vacation.

Day 1 – Auckland to Rotorua: Known as the tourist capital of New Zealand, Rotorua is where you can have a taste of everything that the country has to offer. One of this is Hells Gate, an area full of volcanic features like exploding waters, pools of hot mud and steaming fumaroles.

Day 2 – Rotorua: Enjoy the day in Rotorua and experience the unique culture of the Maori. You can spend the night at a “wharenui” or a Maori meeting house and taste hangi-style food. Spend the day in Tamaki Maori Village to see their rituals and hear their music.

Day 3 – Rotorua to Tongariro National Park: Explore the park’s many unique walkways like the Tongariro Crossing, Ngauruhoe and Ruapeho and see crystalline rivers, impressive glaciers and lava formations.
Day 4 – Tongariro National Park to Taupo: After a relaxing day, it’s now time to feel the adrenaline rush caused by abseiling, bungee jumping, jet skiing, kayaking, parasailing, tandem skydiving and white-water rafting.

Day 5 – Taupo to Waitomo: Leave Taupo and head to the Waitomo Caves, an underground maze of grottos and limestone caves. The Ruakuri Caves and the Waitomo Caves are also something that tourists shouldn’t miss.

Day 6 – Waitomo to Auckland. Start the day right with a hearty breakfast at the Long Black Café before heading back to Auckland.

All these places and more are experiences that can be enjoyed to the fullest with the help of premier travel companies like the Ultimate Travel Company.

Istanbul Topkapi’s Palace

Topkapi Palace is Istanbul’s most opulent tourist attraction today, with a multitude of tales to be told spanning its vast and exciting history. Since 1924, after the end of the Ottoman era in 1921, the Palace was transformed by government decree to a museum. It was also made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985, and is included in within the ‘Historic Areas of Istanbul’. The Palace contains the most important holy relics of the Muslim world, including the Prophet Muhammed’s cloak and sword. Also the building itself if absolutely incredible, and is known as the finest example of the Ottoman architecture.

The roots of the Topkapi’s Palace

It was built by order of Sultan Mehmet II, the conqueror of the capital of the Roman Empire Constantinople, which is the site that the city of Istanbul now stands. Construction started in 1459, and at the palaces peak it housed over 4000 people. The Palace housed the Ottoman Sultans for over 400 years, and as well as being the primary royal residence it was also host to countless state occasions and royal entertainments. It was home to Selim the Sot, who allegedly drank too much champagne and drowned in the bath; Ibrahim the crazy who lost his mind having been locked up in the palace Kafes for far too long; and also Roxelana, the consort of Suleyman the Magnificent, who was as beautiful and as malevolent.

There are so many parts to Topkapi Palace it is almost like a city within a city. Today only some of the thousands of rooms are open to the public, and the whole place is heavily guarded by both the city’s elite police force and the Turkish Military. Outside you will find a board telling you which rooms and areas are currently closed at that particular time, as there is a lot of restoration work going on at present.

The Imperial Gate and beyond…

The first thing you come to and will pass through is Imperial Gate; note the detail of the intricate Turkish rococo decoration. Through here you will come into the Court of the Janissaries, also known as the Parade Court. Janissaries, merchants and tradespeople could circulate in here as they wished, however access to the second court was limited. The same is true today as you need a ticket to enter the Second Court. Just passed the ticket windows you can see a small fountain, which is where the executioner would was his tools after executing a noble or rebel who had displeased the Sultan. The head of the decapitated victim would be exhibited on a spike above the gate.

Highly recommend a visit!

There is much more to discover from here on in, such as the Imperial Council Chamber on the west side of the court, where the council would sit and commerce as the Sultan eavesdropped through a metal grill. It is a beautiful ornate building, but when you come to enter the third court almost at the heart of the palace, you can feel the strange throng of a bustling past. It would have been full of Eunuchs and Imperial Pages going about their business in full royal robes. Only very few important people were allowed in here. It is truly a more than fascinating place, and an intriguing spectacle to behold.

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The Pleasures of Visiting Little India Singapore

If you really want to make your Singapore tour a wonderful experience, then don’t miss Little India Singapore in your itinerary. Find a way to squeeze it in as it’s worth the time to get to this destination. It has an interesting history because many of the Indians who were brought to these place in 1825 were prisoners. However, Stamford Raffles himself decided to allocate a portion of the district to Indians due to their increasing population. Until today, this busy and exciting destination never fails in providing tourists a taste of India albeit in a small scale. Here are some spots you shouldn’t miss:

1.Tekka Center – A beholding site that captures the colors of sarees found on the second floor. Imagine seeing all the different designs of sarees with intricate designs; it will turn you into a shopaholic. Once you have the perfect saree that fits you like a queen, try getting bangles to complement your apparel. Hop into a shop that sells face jewelry and transform yourself into a pretty Indian royalty. Take as much a pictures as you want in this expansive bazaar. But aside from personal ornaments, antique collections are also sold in this place. Explore each shop and find brass wares, antique iron, or even bronze sculptures. Haggle for a decent price so you can proudly display the items in your home. Even if you don’t have much money to spend for shopping, the sights alone will please any jaded traveler. Soak in the smell of fruits, flowers, and spices as you go window shopping in this modern day bazaar.

2. Serangoon Road – Serious shopping requires some relaxation and good food. Try any of the Indian restaurants in Serangoon Road to have a taste of authentic Indian cuisine. Be bold as you taste dishes teeming with chili, ginger, and exotic spices. Make sure to come early during weekends because the place is full of people wanting to taste real Indian food. Surely, you would want to come back again in this food haven. But aside from restaurants, this place boasts of two important shrines. The Sri Prinivasa Perumal Temple showcase Indian spirituality especially during the renowned Thaipusam Festival. Visiting other temples also makes you appreciate the intricate Indian designs carved in the walls.

3.Tekka Wet Market – This is the place to be if you want to see something unusual. Surely, the wet market has its selections of creatures in jars that you would notice as you walk along the aisles. If you want to cook some Indian dishes, this market offers the freshest ingredients whether meat, fish, vegetables, or unknown creatures. This is also the best source of rare species for people who love to cook. Get them at good prices by buying in bulk; hence, you can cook Indian dishes all year round once you’re back home.

These wonderful places are just some of the sights to visit in Little India Singapore. Make your journey pleasant by making travel plans ahead.