A brief guide to Salamanca – Spain

The Spanish city of Salamanca is just a few hours northwest of Madrid. It has a magnificent town plaza and is known as a unviersity town as well as a tourist destination for art and theatre enthusiasts. However, Salamanca has attractions for almost any age range and demographic with its vibrant nightlife, jazz clubs, tapas bars, and quintessential Spanish culture.

As one of the oldest campuses across the world, the University in Salamanca has a large number of sightseeing destinations. A historic staircase featuring scnees of bullfighting is depicted in bas-relief. In some of the universities early years, students would sign their names on the wall with the blood of the bulls. The university also has a huge library with over 160 thousand volumes. the main building is a breathtaking sight with a ornate facade. Hidden in the ornamentation is a frog on a skull. Legend has it that anyone who can find the frog will receive good luck.

No matter what time of year, Salamanca hosts a variety of festivals. The Reyes Magos is one of most well-known festivals that takes place in January. This evening parade complete with costumes and music welcomes the three kings. In June, the Corpus Christi celebration is a natioanl tourist attraction. Also, in August, the Mariseca festival is an event worth seeing.

Any mention of visiting Salamanca would be incomplete without talking about hte bullfighting. The bull-breeding industry takes place in the town and bullfighting is an essential part of their culture. The main season is the summer months primarily the months of June through September. Bullfighting takes place at La Glorieta, the bullring that seats thousands of visitors. Going to a bullfight is a unique event and it’s also a good idea to check out the bullfight museum which talks about the traditional sport as well as the controversy that often surrounds it.

Finally, be sure to check out the nightlife. The vibrant nightlife exists year round and as a tradition, most of the bars have a free snack with a drink order. The best spots are centered around the Plaza Mayor in the central square. The more contemporary districts like Calle Van Dyck are also worth seeing. After spending the early evening at tapas bars or cafes, the partiers usually head to the discotheques where the dancing lasts until morning. Due to the college atmosphere in the town, the party life is always available. While the summer months have the most action, the locals enjoy their nightlife.

For anyone who is interested in spending more time in Spain, Salamanca is a friendly and open place to spend a few months. It’s also a wonderful location to learn Spanish in Spain and many people have either learned Spanish or improved their understanding of the language by living and studying Spanish language courses in Salamanca. Whether visiting for a few days or being interested in staying for longer and getting to know the people and culture better, be sure to enjoy all that Salamanca has to offer.