The best roads to drive in the UK

The UK certainly has a variety of terrain, which for motoring enthousiasts this means awesome road trips. Here is an infogrpahic on some driving highlights in England, Scotland, and Wales.

Infographic: The UK's best driving roads

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Zadar travel guide

The city of Zadar in Croatia which is located in the centre of the Adriatic Sea is a city of tourism with exceptional history and valuable cultural heritage. A metropolitan city of northern Dalmatian region, Zadar combines the beauties of the past with the demands or preferences of the modern day traveler. The fact that the city of Zadar offers numerous tourist attractions and numerous tourist activities, this city proves to be a perfect destination for that tourist looking fun, leisure or sports during this vacation. Take a look at some of the things you can see and do in the Zadar travel guide listed below.

Top Tourist Attractions in Zadar

Zadar Sea Organ: One of the most unusual and fascinating attraction in Zadar, the Zadar sea organ features 70 meters stone stairs which incorporate 35 polyethylene pipes. These pipes or tubes which are of varied length and sizes create a whistle as soon as the movement of the sea pushes air through them. As a result, a haunting, hypnotic and often melodic tune is created which is quite unique and distinctive in it. The sound of the whistles becomes loud and more pronounced especially if a ship passes by and generates stronger waves.

Sun Salutation: Located near the Sea organ, this unique creation in Zadar is basically a large circle made of glass. The various glass plates of this glass circle collect the sun’s rays during the day and store the energy. As the sun sets, a rainbow of moving lights in the glass creates different patterns within the glass. This flickering light show lasts all night, until sunrise.

Roman Forum: The remnants of Roman Forum which started in the 1st century can be seen in the front Saint Donat church. This tourist attraction of Zadar features a pillar in the north western side known as the “Pillar of Shame”, wherein the evil doers in the middle ages where supposed to be chained and humiliated.

Paklenica National Park: Situations on the outskirts of Zadar, the Zadar attractions is a park is a home to a wide variety of bird species and wildlife like wolves and bears which are rarely seen. Featuring large lime stone gorges, this place is very popular with rock climbers and rockers.

Maslencia Bridge Bungee Jumping: If you one of those people who love adventure, try a bungee jumping of the Maslencia bridge. Located about 30 km from Zadar, this bridge stands high at about 56 meters from the sea level.

Accommodation in Zadar

The fact that there are many luxury hotels or hotel spa resorts in Zadar, many tourists visiting this place opt for apartments in Zadar for holiday accomodation over hotels. These private accommodations which are situated along the Croatian cost not only offer excellent value for money, but also allow you to enjoy all city life in the day and spend the nights amid the quiet, picturesque town by the seaside.

The fact that there are various other numerous tourist attractions in Zadar, visiting the above mentioned sightseeing places in Zadar can go a long way in making your trip this place an enjoyable and memorable one.

Visiting india for the first time? Here is a beginners guide

Anyone dipping their toes into the Indian nation for the first time would be forgiven for feelings of trepidation. As an enormous nation with a variety of cultures and landscapes to explore, knowing where to start and what to do can seem impossible. Fortunately, the country is not nearly as intimidating as may first be suggested and beginners will find they can ease themselves into India with no difficulty whatsoever.

Forgo Stereotyping
Little is more limiting than adhering to preconceptions. Too crowded, too poor, too hot, too polluted – all of these are sweeping stereotypes associated with India that mask the true depth of such a vast and varied nation. Let go of anything you may previously heard about India and instead travel to the country with open eyes and an open mind, letting experience speak for itself.

Step Out of your Comfort Zone
India may not be slick and sleek, but this is part of its charm. Rather than be discouraged by this, try to embrace the different ways of life that you will encounter. Eschew the safety of European-themed food for a chance to try the local cuisine on offer; not all Indian food is spicy and chances are you will only enjoy the experience! Practice your haggling skills in any of India’s sprawling markets and really take the chance to feel like a local. Rather than feel isolated by being in a foreign land, India, with its heady mix of cultures, is truly a place to embrace difference.

Know When to Splurge and When to Scrimp
India may have a reputation as a destination where your pound will stretch far, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to a budget of pennies a day. It is important to learn where it is worth saving and where it is worth spending that little bit extra. This is often most noticeable in the quality of accommodation. While everything from top notch clothes to cuisine can be found at low prices, when it comes to hotels, especially in the larger cities, spending more often makes all the difference between a good night’s sleep and one spent in discomfort.
See the sights

The sheer amount of choice of destinations in India can seem overwhelming, so it is good to have a plan of action and have an idea of where to start. Always popular is the journey encompassing Delhi, the pink-walled Jaipur and the stunning Taj Mahal in Agra. The metropolis of Mumbai is always a popular choice with city lovers, offering everything from historical sites to modern shopping and entertainment, while those looking for a laid back taste of India with a difference should look no further than the sandy shores of Goa.

Be Prepared
The best advice, before you even pack your bags, is to be prepared for what you are setting off to do. Do your research and plan where to go and what to do so that you are able to encompass everything that you want to in your trip. You may only be able to see a small slice of the country on your first foray into India, but you can definitely make the most of it by preparing for what lies ahead!

Many people overlook India as a destination to visit, finding the sheer size of the country an overwhelming prospect to tackle. However, the experience can easily be broken down into bite size pieces, making it a place that is a delight to savour and offering experiences that cannot be found elsewhere.

Calgary Hotels and Attractions

Nicknamed as the Stampede City, because of the annual Calgary Stampede – a hugely popular cowboy carnival which is a huge tourist draw, Calgary is a vacationers haven. Calgary is located in the grassland and parkland natural regions of Alberta. To get great view over the city make way towards the Calgary Tower, it also features a revolving gourmet restaurant and an observation desk. The city balances the modern and traditional charm in a beautiful manner and is known for its sophistication. The city serves as the eastern gateway to the Rocky Mountains and is the heart of the largest metropolitan area between Toronto and Vancouver. Calgary has many top class hotels that are located close to important attractions of the city; let’s have a look at a few of them.

Heritage Park Historical Village – Heritage Park Historical Village is a year round tourist attraction and offers first class tourist education, catering and convention facility.

Hotel Near the attraction – Carriage House Inn is located just minutes away from Heritage Park Historical Village and close to Chinook Centre. The hotel offers an array of amenities like free Wi-Fi, free wired internet access, outdoor pool, fitness facility and guestrooms are equipped with 32-inch flat-panel TVs, pillow top beds, and refrigerators.

Calgary Tower – Calgary Tower serves as a gateway to Calgary’s art, culture, entertainment, and nightlife and is home to the highest 360° observation deck in the world. The tower offers excellent panoramic views over the city and has some of the finest places to dine.

Hotel Near the attraction – The Ramada Hotel Downtown Calgary has quick access to the Calgary Tower and is minutes away from Fort Calgary Historic Park and Petro-Canada Centre. Top amenities offered by the hotel are seasonal pool, fitness facility and the guestrooms are provided with free daily newspapers, video-game consoles, and rollaway beds.

Glenbow Museum – The Museum is termed as one of Canada’s largest museums and has more than 20 galleries. Get to know the history of Alberta through exhibits called Mavericks and also features a military collection.

Hotel Near the attraction – The Sandman Hotel Calgary City Centre is within easy access to TELUS World of Science Calgary and Glenbow Museum. The onsite amenities offered by the hotel includes an Indoor pool, a restaurant and a health club.

Calgary Zoo – The Calgary Zoo is home to more than 1,000 animals and is termed as the second largest zoo in Canada.

Hotel Near the attraction – The Calgary Marriott Downtown Hotel features guest rooms with flat-screen cable TVs and is close to attractions like Calgary Tower and Glenbow Museum. The Hotel offers facilities like 24-hour business center, foreign currency exchange and much more.

When you have decided your travel dates, look out for websites that offer good discount on air tickets and provide you with all facilities that you are looking for while traveling.