Heineken Voyage: legends aren’t born, they’re dropped

Heineken® have launched a new video series which has raised the stakes in entertaining beer commercials.

“Voyage” is a series that takes participants out of the comfort zone of their daily lives and are placed into unknown situations where they will be forced to rely on their own resourcefulness to get out of each situation.

The participants are different men from all around the world and they are all dropped into remote exotic locations with only the most basic supplies and directions to get by. For example, a participant could be “Dropped” alone on a freezing glacier in Alaska, with only a giant life-ring, a tuxedo and a plane ticket. From there they must work out how to get home.

This series is like a reality tv show but in ad-length format, making them a quick and entertaining watch. Each episode is unscripted, so what you see is the result of each adventurers decisions and the actions they take aloong the way.

If you feel like you are up to the challenge of being “Dropped” into a far-flung destination and getting into your own legendary travel adventure then you can also apply by video as well.

So visit here to check out the Dropped Alaska official trailer.