Highlights of Tuscany

Tuscany is a very popular holiday destination located on the west coast of Italy. This spectacular place boasts of a ton of magnificent attractions. Its rich history and culture, famous towns and cities, fantastic food, great wine, beautiful scenery, attractive beaches and amazing weather are some of the reasons as to why it is a haven for most holiday makers.

The following are some of the top attractions in Tuscany that will take your breath away:

1. Florence

Florence is a beautiful city that is fully blessed with a rich history, culture, art, sumptuous delicacies, amazing wine and magnificent architecture. The city also has several interesting museum, galleries and gardens. Art lovers will have a fantastic time here.

2. Lucca

Lucca is best known for its well-preserved walls in the whole of Italy. There are cycling paths and beautiful botanical gardens on top of the walls. This means you can walk around on top of the walls as your eyes are treated to a breath taking view of this beautiful city. There are many nice restaurants and places where you can do your shopping all over the city. Lucca was once called “The city of a hundred churches”, because there was literally a church in every corner. However today, it has become a haven for artisans and art lovers. The bread here is simply delicious and heavenly fresh.

3. Sienna

Siena is an ancient hill town best known for its large piazza that is shaped like a fan, horse races in summer, many galleries and museums. The town also has a medieval cathedral known as the Cathedral of Siena. Its history, interior décor and architecture will greatly fascinate you. Make sure you get to sample some this town’s unleavened fruit cake, cheese and wine.

4. The wine region of Chianti Classico

Most of Italy’s best wines come from Tuscany, specifically the Chianti Classico area. This region lies between the cities of Sienna and Florence. The Brolio Castle and Barone Ricasoli winery are some of the region’s best places for wine tasting. Chianti Classico has a beautiful scenery and picturesque little villages perfect for picnics, scenic drives and leisure walks.

5. Montecatini Terme

There is nothing more relaxing than a spa in one of Italy’s most famous spa towns. Montecatini Terme is known for its thermal waters and historic spas. The town’s classy spas are well equipped with modern equipment. The Terme Tettuccio for instance is an amazing spa where you can enjoy your spa treatment while being entertained to great music performances. The town in general has this relaxing ambience and marvelous architecture.

Getting around Tuscany

You can get around Tuscany by bus and train. It is also possible to fly to the major cities of Pisa and Florence. However for convenience it is advisable that you rent a car online. Go to carrentalfairy.com and choose a car of your choice and suitability. Hiring a car will give you an easy time exploring the little towns of Tuscany and all the other amazing places this fabulous holiday destination in Italy has to offer. For further on great cheap holidays abroad check out www.travelrepublic.co.uk.

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