How to Arrive at the Airport in Time for your Flight and Still Talking to your Travelling Companion!

How to Arrive at the Airport in Time for your Flight and Still Talking to your Travelling Companion!
If your family, is anything like my family then travelling to the airport equals heightened levels of stress.

For me it begins with a discussion over the time we need to arrive at the airport. I like to arrive at least three hours before the flight departure time. This leaves time for delays, and if there are no delays, time to browse duty free. My husband would prefer to spend as little time as possible pre-flight at the airport. The most I can usually do is to persuade him to arrive for a standard two hour check-in.

The next step is a discussion on the mode of transport we should use. Do we take the car and park at the airport? Do we stay overnight in an airport hotel? Should we let the train take the strain? A taxi which can drop us at the airport terminal with no lifting and carrying of heavy suitcases could be a good idea.

My husband invariably get his way on this, his preference is always to drive to the airport. He prefers the flexibility of being able to leave when we are packed and ready and to not have to worry about flight delays affecting the homebound journey arrangements.

We usually book an off airport car park which provides a courtesy coach to the airport terminal. This nearly always works out cheaper than booking the on airport car park. I always pre-book, it is definitely a great deal cheaper than just turning up at a car park barrier. You are a bit of a sitting duck for a higher cost if you do that!

Below are my top 5 tips on how to achieve a stress free journey to the airport (and arrive at your destination still talking to your companion):

1. Make sure you know what the statutory check-in time is for the airline you are travelling with. Contrary to popular belief, check in opens two hours ahead of flight time for UK domestic flights, three hours ahead for European flights and four hours for international flights.

2. Agree with your companion the transport method you will use to travel to and from the airport. If you are travelling by rail you should check out the cost of tickets online, often you can make savings by booking early. If you are travelling by car, I strongly recommend you pre-book your parking, it is much cheaper. If you are taking a taxi, shop around by calling a few companies for fares, you may be surprised at how these can vary.

3. Depending on the mode of transport calculate the departure time from your home address.

4. On the day of travel, make sure alarm clocks are set and bags are packed. I prefer to have my suitcases packed the night before if it is an early morning flight. Don’t forget your passport, travel tickets, insurance documents and travel money.

5. As we nearly always travel by car, we pre-agree the time we are going to leave the house so that we will arrive at the airport 3 hours ahead of the flight time. If there are no delays, I usually try and lose my husband and children for a spot of relaxing pre-departure shopping!

About the author: This article was written by Debbie Pearce for FHR Airport Hotels and Car Parks.

Great Things to Do In Barbados

Barbados is a dream destination when it comes to holidays in the sun. It is located in the Caribbean and has gorgeous white sand beaches and clear warm waters. Initially, it was just known for its sugar exports to the United States and different places all over the world, but currently, it is one of the most sought after holiday destinations. If you are planning for a holiday somewhere warm then check out Travelbag for inspiration. Here are some highlights of things to do and see in Barbados.

1. Get friendly with the turtles

Barbados is the gem of the Caribbean Sea and upon its shores you can find the perfect blend of pristine beaches, rich culture, fresh ocean breeze, unique crafts colourful entertainment that is full of friendly people. Creating a memorable vacation for you and your family is not a hard task since there is a wide range of options to choose from. You can visit Carlisie Bay, which is popular due to its cool breeze, and you can spend your time swimming with the friendly turtles.

2. Visit the daring Harrison Cave

If you are not sure where you should start when planning your Barbados holidays, hiring a travel agent can prove to be very useful since they know all the hot spots. Travelers who are visiting for the first time will recommend Harrison Cave, which is located in Central Barbados. The Barbados Harrison Cave is a must see when on vacation. It is a breathtaking underground cave system that has amazing crystallized formations and caverns. This is actually one of the most popular tourist attractions in Barbados. The visitor’s experience begins at the top of the cliff at the location overlooking the floor of the valley.

3. Attend kite board lessons

If you are travelling with the family, there are many activities, which can give you and your children enjoyable time in Barbados such as kite board lesson. This is the perfect place to learn this thrilling activity. Even if you lack interest in knowing this sport, you can find the beaches near Silver Sands to watch talented individuals kite boarding.

4. Join a hiking club

You can go hiking. Local websites run all the hikes all over the island weekly. They are entertaining and friendly. Actually this is a great way to meet people while enjoying the landscape.

5. Bask in the Caribbean sun while enjoying the horse ride

The atmosphere in Barbados is great for horse riding. Garrison Savannah Horse Racing has been ranked as a top activity in Barbados. A day at the race will give you a totally different experience as you enjoy the tasty Bajan cuisine.

6. Visit Oistins Fish Fry

Your trip to Barbados will be incomplete with failure to attend the Friday night fish fry at the famous Oistins. This is the place has no waiter service, white table clothes or table reservation. It is an outdoor street eating joint that has plenty of affordable food and alcohol. The smell of baked pork, salt fish cakes, chicken barbeque, as well as fried flying fish make it irresistible.

This is actually a few of the things that you do see and do while in Barbados. Once you are there, you will have the real feeling and experience of its great tourist attractions.

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A Review of things you can see and do in Seville

Seville has the reputation of being a sleepy town, it is one of the old fashioned cities in Spain. It lies on the banks of Guadalquivir which is known all over Europe for its rich history. Seville is full of both historical and cultural beauty. You can enjoy having a tour on Seville so that you can explore its beauty.

When you are strolling across the streets of Seville, the avenues are endless until you come across new plazas. Several plazas are open as well as spacious, while for others, benches and orange trees, accords you the welcoming canopy beneath the Spanish sun. The orange trees in Seville are famous among travelers. This is because they provide the air with the scents from their blossoms. These oranges have a unique taste which is totally fascinating. During your first trip in Seville you would not shy away from admiring this unique and tasty oranges.

You can decide to go for sightseeing, some of the popular sites in Seville which you can’t afford to miss is the Catedral de Santa María de la Sede, also referred to as the Seville cathedral. It is the third largest cathedral in the world. The size of this cathedral makes it an impressive first stop destination.

The Alcazar of Seville is another place where you can visit, it is an old and expansive building that was initially used as a Moorish fort, and it was then repurposed into a royal palace. The Seville royal family has inhabited the upper levels of the Alcazar, this has made it the oldest palace in Europe which is still in use to date. The lower levels of the Alcazar which has an extensive garden, has been opened to the public at a moderate admission fee.

While you are in Seville, there is a lot you can do for instance, you can head to Triana’s specifically the Betis Street where you can enjoy a night full of thrilling Spanish nightlife. Spaniards have numerous night lifestyle being a part of it could be the best moments of your life. You can also head to the top floor of EME hotel where you can enjoy the glare of the Giralda. On the other hand you can explore the Museo de Bellas Artes on a Sunday, because local artistes gather there to display their artistic works.

Learning a new language, can earn you great social benefits. This benefits can help to expand your horizons and assist you in communication when you meet new people. Learning a new language such as Spanish can help you to learn new cultures as well. By understanding Spanish, you get to have good time while you are on a vocation in Seville. You can learn a new language online before you decide to travel, a good way you can try to learn spanish is by finding a native language partner online who will guide you through your entire course. You can also learn a new language online, where you can find out how to learn French, Spanish, or any of the most popular languages online.

Top Winterproof Visitor Attractions in England

As the nights get darker and the days get colder, it’s tempting to go into hibernation during the British winter months. But with so many fantastic indoor attractions throughout the UK, it’s so easy to plan a ‘winterproof’ short break in Britain. This list features some of the Top winter attractions in the UK to make sure you can enjoy an attraction-packed short break whatever the weather!

Sea Life Centre – Regional
From London to Glasgow and Scarborough to Blackpool, Sea Life Centres are the world’s largest Aquarium brand. Escape the cold and be transported to a warm underwater world where you can come face to face with amazing tropical fish, graceful jellyfish and terrifying sharks! Kids will love getting hands on with the marine life in the touch pools. The Sea Life Centres do fantastic work with marine conservation, so you can also enjoy your day out knowing that some of your ticket cost is going straight back into looking after the underwater creatures.

Titanic Belfast – Belfast
The Titanic Experience is Belfast’s top visitor attraction and guess what? It’s also indoors! This means short breaks to Belfast can include a visit to this incredibly unique attraction all year round. The Titanic Experience is based right on Belfast’s docklands in the very spot that the Titanic ship was created back in 1908. This state-of-the-art and highly interactive attraction takes you through the dramatic timeline of The Titanic from the shipyard to the sinking. With everything from rides to real life walk through replicas of what it was like on board the ship, The Titanic Experience brings Belfast history to life like nowhere else.

Madam Tussaud’s – London and Blackpool
Undoubtedly one of the UK’s most popular year-round attractions, Madam Tussaud’s makes for the perfect indoor winter day out. Those enjoying a short break in London or Blackpool this winter can rub shoulders with the stars and marvel at their astonishingly life-like wax work figures. With identical heights, measurements, clothing and even moulded facial features, Madam Tussaud’s allows you to get even more up close and personal with your favourite stars than ever before!

The Dungeons – York, Edinburgh and London
For those looking to get the adrenaline going this winter, The Dungeons will be right up your street. Based in London, York and Edinburgh, The Dungeons bring to life the gruesome history of their cities with incredible sets, spine chilling walk-throughs and terrifying live characters. With all 3 of The Dungeons being placed in fantastic Superbreak short break cities, they’re the perfect excuse for a (warm and dry) winter getaway!

The Making of Harry Potter – Watford
If you’re looking for a truly magical day out this winter, head to The Making of Harry Potter. The entire collection of sets have been transformed into a winter wonderland otherwise known as Christmas at Hogwarts. Kids and adults alike will love discovering their favourite Harry Potter film sets, props and costumes and seeing the Great Hall decorated ready for Christmas day. Watford can be reached from London by tube on the Metropolitan line, making it an ideal day trip during a London short break.

Whether you’re looking for trip with the kids, a romantic weekend away with the other half or a fun filled trip with your mates, make sure you ‘Winterproof’ your next short break with one of the UK’s top attractions.

About the author:
Jess Gibson is a travel writer and blogger passionate about adventure and luxury travel. She loves nothing more than visiting new places and has recently travelled to Mauritius, Munich and Marrakech. Her latest trip was exploring the Wild Atlantic Way along the North West coast of Ireland.