Southeast USA Fall Roadtrips

The Southeast is home to some of the best travel destinations in the United States. Whether you prefer Nashville’s thriving music scene or the laid-back beaches of South Carolina’s beautiful Atlantic coast, it’s hard to beat the region when it comes to diversity of experiences available.

The appeal of the American Southeast is heightened for U.S. travelers who feel the pull of the open road. A long list of iconic highways snake their way through the Southeast. Breathtaking scenery like the Great Smoky Mountains and the Ross Barnett Reservoir offer the perfect backdrop for thrilling moments and lifelong memories.

Southeast USA Fall Roadtrips

Best Island Getaway on a Budget

Its been a long month at work and the whole thing about travelogues have tempted you way too much thanks to your Facebook feeds. The feeling has crossed the threshold and you cannot stop yourself from speaking that line after all– “I wish I could get away to an island”.

If this is you and you have some days for setting out on a holiday to a beach, do not think twice. Just do it already! It is the best way to unwind and bounce back with a refreshed mind. Here are a few choices that you can make without worrying about the hole burnt in your pocket:

Bali: The most exotic island of the east

The island of Bali is just that exotic destination where you can drown yourself in the authentic culture, dance, and delicacies of Indonesia. Situated in the Asian Pacific, this island will never make you feel away from home because of the amazing hospitality shown by the locals here; the level of satisfaction you get from the customer services is remarkably high. Either relax on the beach or go about exploring the nightlife of the town, you would never want to go back home.

Boracay, Phillipines

The island of Boracay is also located in the Asian Pacific, in Philippines. It is an incredibly famous spot for tourists; it is believed to be amongst the most beautiful places on earth without exaggerating even one bit. You might want to get to a place for relaxation. Going for some adventure sports to unwind yourself and get that adrenaline rush isn’t a bad idea either – this island is the perfect place for hiking, climbing, horseback riding, biking and some outstanding locations for jet skiing, scuba diving, and snorkeling. The White Beach hosts many restaurants, sun bathers and spa services to choose from according to your budget. The Bulabog Beach is famous for the adventure loving tourists who are interested in water sports like windsurfing.

Budgeting the Bora Bora trip

Having Bora Bora in the list can shock quite a few for it isn’t considered to be anywhere close to a budget place. But if you plan your trip right, it just can fit in well! The island of Bora Bora is located in French Polynesia. It was once used for military purposes by the Unites States Military. The residents of this island are known for their dedication towards making tourists feel at home and exposing them to the authentic culture of Polynesia. For lodging, you need to make your own choice; you can stay in resorts or choose to opt for a camp in the amazing outdoorsinstead. Relax by fishing in the tropical waters or simply lie around sunbathing on the beach. Look for cheaper places to stay if you have a very specific budget in mind. You don;t need to go for fancy services or luxury packages if hitting the beach and checking out the natural beauty is only what your priority is.


The Aruba island in the Caribbean is quite famous amongst people who prefer travelling within package deals. With a whole range of fun activities to do on the beach, amazing food joints to hang out at and casinos brimming with life, one cannot get enough of the place. Also, because of so many people opting to spend their short get aways here, there are myriad options of direct flights from the US.


The island Anguilla, is located in the northern Caribbean, where the beauty of the destinations and the rich culture blend together and bring about the exact combination you would ever want. The locals do everything possible to make you feel right at home here. this experience you can treasure a life time.

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Top 4 Royal Gardens That You Must Wanna See

Have you ever seen royal palaces and gardens? These are true representations of culture, history and the ancient beauty and art work. Royal palaces are designed with best architectures and stones, and royal gardens present in these palaces enhance the beauty of these locations. Do you want to know best royal gardens of the world? In this article you will see best royal gardens that are famous due to their exotic beauty. Have a look at these palaces.

Top 5 royal gardens of the world:

Listed below are the top 5 green rare gardens that were used for the parties and the royal get-together in ancient times and now they are providing best places to enjoy the nature.

Buckingham Palace, London – The garden of this Palace is located at the west of Buckingham Palace. The garden covers a green area of about 42 acres that makes it a huge place to enjoy the nature and flowers. Four sides of this Garden have galleries, Mews, Park corners and the other places. The Royal garden is very large and has place for tennis court, a helipad and the summerhouse. The palace is not open for public generally, but when it is opened in August and September, you can visit this Riyal garden.

Royal Pavilion Garden Brighton – The Indian style palace is very famous and gardens and the parks around the palace are exciting. The royal Palace Pavilion gardens are designed at the time of the revolution in landscapes in the 18th century. The garden is decorated with curved paths, massive groups of trees and the pictorial views. You will enjoy the attractive pictorial views with a shady sanctuary while your trip to this Garden Palace. Early spring, full spring, summer and the early autumn are the most exciting seasons of flowers in which you can see the beautiful flowers of rose, lilac, daffodils, yellow broom and a long list of other colorful varieties.

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew – London Botanic gardens are popular because of their botanical history and the large landscape of lush green beauty all around the garden. Visit this beatific place to enjoy the nature with colors and exciting pictorial views. Even if you are not nature enthusiast, you should never miss this garden. Greenhouses and similar attraction in the Kew gardens are amusements for worldwide tourists.

Royal Gardens Herrenhausen – The place was created in the 18th century by ornamental box trees that gives a true natural scene when combines with 30,000 varieties of summer flowers. Have you ever seen such a huge variety of flowers in summer? Sure you will not have a chance to explore. Do not wait and visit Royal gardens of Herrenhausen this summer. You will enjoy your trip because there are other places to explore near these gardens including museums, theaters and the university.

Royal palace and gardens show your linkage with the history and royal times, but the places are still in use and offering best recreation points in their peak visiting months. You should also visit these royal gardens during your free time to relax and enjoy the greenery spread in these landscapes.

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7 Beautiful Golf clubs you don’t want to miss

Want to play golf in lush hilly areas of the world? Planning to enjoy golf near oceans and the best lakes of the world? You are at right place. Gold players have much to explore from simple golf clubs to stunning ocean side golf courses. Never miss a chance to enjoy golf in these breathtaking courses around the corners of the world. In this article, you will see 7 most beautiful golf courses that you have never imagined and must want to visit once you know how they are and what facilities they offer to the golfer. Check now, below listed golf courses.

List of 7 stunning golf courses:

Here are the elite golf courses that every golfer should try once in his life.

Ballybunion Golf resort – the stunning golf course is present on the west side of the Ireland with its unique location and exciting beauty. Golfers enjoy their game on the grassy domes that are located near the Oceanside. Can you image the scenes while playing at the Oceanside, Sea side with green domes, a golf stick in hand and looking forward to win the game? All the holes of this golf course are great.

Kiawah Island Golf resort – You will enjoy incredible scenes of the Ocean golf course on the Kiawah Islands that offers a great game at every hole. You will enjoy the lush green grass with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. The land has been used for various championships and golfers came to win the CUPs.

Bethpage State Park golf course – If you are looking to play on public courses than this one is the most popular in New York. Golfers need to prepare well to win the Championships held on in this park. Every hole is challenging and each further hole is a critical challenge to accept.

Port Royal Golf Course – Another best golf course is located in Southampton Bermuda that is famous due to its challenging 16th hole. It is located on the cliff edge and golfers enjoy the lust hilly areas to play in this hole. Tourists that came to enjoy the golf at PGA Grand Slam also amuse with the stunning views of the golf course.

Pebble Beach Golf Links – California golf course near the Pacific Ocean is always a first choice of golfers. They want to play at this place due to its challenging holes and the exciting views of the golf course due to its location near the Pacific Ocean.

Teeth of Dog Golf Course – You must have heard this name before. It is the number one golf course of the Caribbean and offer captivating scenes and best game facilities for the worldwide tourist. Do not miss your favorite 7-hole Dog golf course in your trip to California.

Yas Links Golf Course – It is the first ever golf links in Middle East, created in 2010 and has exciting views for the golfers. They can play a great game at every hole at the curse links.

If you are a nature enthusiast and want to play games in stunning locations near oceans, beaches, lakes and the sea then above mentioned places are most suitable choices for you. Book your accommodations in the countries mentioned above to enjoy the Golf in the most challenging locations.

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