Visiting Vienna

To anyone planning to visit the historical city of Vienna either as a student, tourist or a professional related visit, we recommend highly the VIENNA / NOW YouTube biweekly series.

In every series, Chris Cummins a journalist who is a self confessed Viennese citizen by choice who is originally a British national explores the different aspects of Vienna.

VIENNA/ NOW offers a a visual guide to this history-rich city with a diverse culture. It is the world capital of music and legendary art.

Vienna is considered a melting pot of major world cultures due to its preference as a global destination. This means that any visitor will need an inside view of this city to adequately enjoy it and have the full experience of Vienna.

Vienna Now

Chris Cummins has managed to provide a resource that offers practical and insightful advice. Every series focuses on a particular aspect of the city from its culture, people, food, cathedrals, museums, nightlife, upcoming events, language, accommodation and many more. Chris also provides an introduction to the Viennese language and offers commonly used phrases that will help you to interact with the other people.

A survival tips section that is hilarious is geared to help you to navigate through any difficult situation you may find yourself in. Professionally done and presented VIENNA/ NOW is available on you tube on a dedicated page by the same title.

Every visitor to a new cit or country looks for insider information that is practical, unbiased, insightful and relevant. VIENNA/ NOW offers all these and much more. You can subscribe to their channel and not miss out on the any new series.

Chris Cummings combines his great love for this city and his professional training and experience to provide a world class presentation that totally is the number one source of information to any visitor to Vienna.

Here is a sample episode to get you inspired.

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