Selecting a Romantic Hotel in Europe

Europe is a common place for honeymoons and romantic getaways. Couples from around the world come every year to visit the historic landmarks and fall in love all over again. When planning your trip it’s important to not only select your day trip destinations, but to choose a romantic hotel to come back to at the end of the day.

Picking the right hotel can set the mood for your entire vacation. After all, a romantic vacation hotel shouldn’t be seen as a place to flop for the night, but rather a place where you can rediscover the art of living with your significant other. Being within walking distance of world famous restaurants or major attractions means that you can experience the authenticity of the fantastic cities you visit.

Hotels Relais du Silence makes it easy to find the perfect luxury hotel for your getaway to Europe. With over 200 hotels to choose from you’re sure to find one that is perfect for you. All of their hotels are located in prime locations that vary from the heart of bustling metropolises to the beautiful and peaceful countryside. No matter where you choose you’ll feel right at home.

It’s also worth noting that Hotels Relais du Silence offers destination hotels in Andorra, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland. Hotels can be selected by their proximity to shorelines or mountains. There are also a handful of island resorts to choose from. They do run promotions for early booking and three day weekend discounts on top of their rewards program. Of course, the food is another important element of these destination hotels. The hotel restaurants are all under the guidance of five internationally renowned chefs. Foodies will be in for a real treat when sampling the locally inspired dishes any time of year.

Given the number of locations, amenities, and services offered at each charming hotel it’s easy to see why Hotels Relais du Silence is a popular choice for booking European vacations.

Running Your Own Vacation Rental Business

Accommodation nowadays is a very lucrative business, whether you are selling houses or renting them, you could be making good money out of this business. If you have a house somewhere where you are not physically present or you have a house which you don’t use often, there is no need to leave it idle; you can make some extra money on the side by renting it off to other people.

People going on vacation tend to prefer more “homely” accommodations compared to the usual hotels, and what is more homely than your second home? You can rent it off and manage it yourself using all-in-one vacation rental software from anywhere. You don’t have to worry about trusting another person with your job, do it yourself the best you can with this software. It lets you perform complex tasks like managing reservations and simple yet important ones like housekeeping fast and easily.

Management can be quite a hustle, especially if you are not close to monitor it. This however should no longer be a worry, just use this software to manage your house in practically every perspective, from reservations to essential activities like cleaning. This software also consists of among others an availability calendar, reservation management, a channel manager and emails. So how exactly does this software work?

This type of rental software makes you an efficient manager through its reservation manager. You can easily confirm or cancel inquiries, customize the request form and find reservations with filters. This reservation system comes with automated email responses that save you the time you would spend replying to numerous emails by instantly replying to emails sent by potential customers.

This software for property management also makes it possible for guests to pay money directly through your website without the risk of hacking. You can get payments from practically anybody regardless of his or her location using any of the major online payment platforms. This can come in handy especially if your current place of residence is a distance away from the home you are renting off. It saves time and makes the rental process easy, and also eliminates cases of jokers.

The software reservation system also controls the prices for you on the bases of many factors. For example, it can change your prices in accordance with the season, discounts and length of stay! This allows you to keep up with the market without having to spend so much time studying it and manually enforcing the new rates.

It also helps you manage simple tasks like cleaning. Most people put a lot of attention on other factors like the money and bookings and forget about cleaning and housekeeping. These activities are as important as any other if you want to make your clients feel satisfied. You can automatically manage the housekeeping schedules for your staff.

With such features and many more, the efficiency of this software will let you offer the best quality services to the vacationers and still allow you go on with your other activities. Don’t let your second home lay idle anymore, rent it out, and manage this software.

7 Luxury Accommodations in Thailand

If you are in search of an exciting, exotic travel destination, Thailand might be just the location you are looking for. With beautiful beaches, exciting nightlife, and warm, pleasant weather year-round, this country offers all the niceties a vacationer could ever want. The Thais are famous for their massages and their cuisine as well, which is considered to be world-class in culinary circles. With all the great Thailand holiday packages out there, sometimes it can be difficult trying to decide where you want to stay. That is why we have created a list of seven luxury accommodations in Thailand.

1. Four Seasons

Upon arriving in Thailand, many tourists sometimes become overwhelmed with the fast, hectic pace of life in Bangkok, the country’s capital. If you want to go to a more rural setting that allows you to relax and go at a slower pace, Chiang Mai is the perfect spot for you, and the Chiang Mai Four Seasons Hotel and Resort is the definition of luxury. They feature 98 villas and pavilions, all of which are furnished with beautiful Thai artwork and decorations. They also offer a variety of services, including tennis, golf, and a shopping boutique.

2. Mandarin Oriental

Some people shy away from the madness of Bangkok, while others thrive on it. If you want to experience cultural immersion in one of the most diverse and exciting cities in Asia, Bangkok’s Mandarin Oriental is the perfect place to make your home base at. Their elegantly designed rooms are the finest this city has to offer, and it’s in close proximity to many popular attractions such as the Chao Phraya River and Chatuchak Market.

3. St. Regis

Another excellent option for those who desire big city life is Bangkok’s St. Regis. Wine connoisseurs will be sure to appreciate their wine cellar, and gourmands will flock to any of their excellent restaurants. As always when you’re in Bangkok, fun and excitement is never far away.

4. Cape Sienna

If you want to see Thailand’s amazing beaches, Phuket’s Cape Sienna has everything you’re looking for. Located on the scenic Kamala Beach, this dreamy resort’s sea view penthouses offer breathtaking views that are perfect for a romantic getaway.

5. Indigo Pearl

Another excellent option for beach-goers, the Indigo Pearl is geared towards nature-lovers. Surrounded by lush tropical greenery, you’ll feel like you’re at one with the earth.

6. Napasai

If you want to experience some islands on the other side of Thailand’s coast, Koh Samui is a great place to start, and Napasai is the premiere resort there. Set on a quiet and secluded hillside, Napasai overlooks Ban Tai beach. There are also a variety of fun activities nearby, including fishing, hiking, and windsurfing.

7. Le Meridien

If you really want to go off the beaten track, yet still live in the lap of luxury, Chiang Rai’s Le Meridien is the place for you. From hill tribe trekking to spa treatments, they offer many entertaining activities while maintaining a serene, peaceful atmosphere.

Hotels in the Costa Brava

For decades now, the Costa Brava has been one of Europe’s most popular and energetic holiday destinations. Each year millions of tourists head for its sun-drenched shores, ready to relax, have a good time and forget about the stresses and strains of their regular life.

As well as its stunning coastline, great Catalan food and idyllic beaches, resorts like Lloret del Mar are a magnet for young people determined to party around the clock.

For this reason a lot of visitors to the region arrive on a tight budget. So it’s good to know that there is an array of excellent quality and value budget hotels in Costa Brava . Here’s a guide to some of the highest rated of the value accommodation currently available.

For a mix of beach, culture, water sports and great food, you can’t do much better than the Hotel Golden Bahia de Tossa. A four star hotel opened in 2003, it also boasts a range of ‘wellness’ services, including a Jacuzzi and solarium.

Another popular venue is the Hotel Aquarium & Spa, located in Lloret de Mar with its 7 kms of beaches. The hotel has a lounge-bar, indoor and heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, UV sunbeds as well as a fully equipped gym and a garden.

Not far away, the three star hotel Copacabana is located in the bustling heart of Lloret de Mar. It’s just a short walk to the beaches, shops, restaurants and local nightlife.

The popular Hotel Helios is another well-equipped hotel. Located just 150 metres from the beach it has an outdoor pool and other high quality facilities, making it an ideal base for a holiday in Lloret.

Last but not least, the four star Hotel San Jorge in Girona offers something a little different, particularly for those travelling to the Costa Brava on a golf break. The hotel is built on a cliff top, overlooking two outstanding beaches and is only a 15 minute walk from the lively Platja d’Aro town. It boasts 119 recently refurbished rooms and has a beautiful and stylish spa. Most importantly of all for golfers, it’s just a 15 minute drive from two great golf courses, Golf d’Aro and Costa Brava Golf and within a 30 minute drive of the PGA Catalunya, Emporda and Platja de Pals course.

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