Explore Catalunya with PGA Catalunya

PGA Catalunya is the leading provider of luxury houses in Spain. Through its website – www.pgacatalunya.com/real-estate/ you could check out what they are offering referred to deluxe accommodation (lovely resorts in Costa Brava). They do also offer great deals for practicing Golf, Take a look at this wonderful selection of the best golf courses in Spain. PGA Catalunya is the best partner you can rely on to enjoy a comfortable accommodation. These breathtaking houses are the perfect location from which to explore the unforgettable landscape, cuisine and culture of Catalonia.

What could you do when staying at PGA Catalunya?

There are plenty of things to do in this region of Spain For instance, in Barcelona you can visit the unbelievable cathedral of the Sagrada Familia, which is like nothing else you have ever seen on earth. In addition, there are some gorgeous beaches and other historic buildings such as the Monserrat monastery. Guided tours are available, or you can wander around by yourself: both are pleasant ways to get to know the region. Catalonian´s cuisine is absolutely delicious, and all of the accommodation offer at PGA Catalunya is well located for those who want to go on foodie adventure exploring the various cafes, restaurants and bars of this sunny splashed part of Europe.

Who can stay with PGA Catalunya?

Absolutely anyone! There is accommodation suitable for families, groups of friends, couples seeking for a romantic honeymoon destination and lone travelers who feel like they need a bit of pampering too. You name it, they’ve got it.

Want to find out more?

All of the information that you might require can be found on this website: http://www.pgacatalunya.com/. Or, if you prefer connecting via social media, you can also do it via PGA Catalunya’s Facebook page or their Twitter account? The resort’s Facebook page can be found here:

https://www.facebook.com/PgaCatalunyaResort, whilst their Twitter handle is @PGA_Catalunya.

World’s Most Spectacular Pools

Take a look at some of the best pool designs in the world.

Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc

Located in France, this hotel has a long and rich history of being the place for wild parties that last all night. It was originally built in 1870 by Hippolyte de Villemessant, the guy who started Le Figaro newspapers. Years later in 1914, they added the salt water pool and the hotel hasn’t been the same since – it’s been better. Today, celebrities and royalty both kick back and relax at one of the most interesting salt water pools in all of France – or maybe even Europe.

Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc
[Photo: flickr/MD]

Pelican Hill

The COLISEUM Pool @ night

Built in 2008, this resort is already a favorite with travelers from around the world. Some might say it’s the best resort in the entire United States. This may have something to do with the exclusivity of the resort. You have to be someone in order to get in and enjoy the place – even the pool. The swimming pool is one of the most aesthetically pleasing in the world – not to mention it’s fun to lounge around in as the sun sets in the distance. With views overlooking some prime real estate, this place is just amazing.

Wildflower Hall at Oberoi Resort

The Oberoi Cecil, Shimla

If you’re going to be in India for any reason, you may want to check out Wildflower Hall at the Oberoi Resort. When it comes to enclosed swimming pools, this one is majestic and fills you with a sense of awe – even if you don’t go swimming in it. The mosaic tiles (blue) are a sight to see, especially when the light hits the pool just the right way. The entire resort sits on many acres, but this is one of the main reasons a lot of people travel to the Oberoi Resort in India. And when you’re in the pool and looking through the arches, you can’t help but feel you’ve finally made it.

Beverly Hills Hotel – Pink Palace

Beverly Hills Hotel, California

This historic 100 year old hotel is home to what’s known as the pink palace – and one of the better swimming pools on the entire West Coast. Over its history, the location has been a favorite stomping ground for the rich and famous in Beverly Hills and surrounding areas. The good news is that now the public has more access and it still looks like it did 50 or more years ago. You’re still going to get all the modern conveniences, however, so don’t worry. This can be the location for a vacation of a lifetime.

One & Only Reethi Rah

Infinity Pool

Located somewhere in the Indian Ocean, this atoll is home to a paradise on Earth. Once you see the rest of the resort, you’re going to be blown away. The big feature that everyone seems to love, however, is the awesome pool that looks out on the ocean. The resort opened in 2005 and is home to 130 small villas that are perfect for one or two people. Just be sure to spend some time lounging in the pool if you’re going to go. What’s really cool about this swimming pool is that it actually extends 100 feet out into the lagoon. Yes, it’s quite impressive – as you can see from the photo – but it’s even more impressive in person.

Other Great Swimming Pools

If you’ve ever wanted to go on a travel adventure, you can do so by choosing to travel around and looking at all the world’s greatest swimming pools in person. Just be prepared to journey all over the planet in your quest. The good news is that there are a lot of different locations that you can check out on your own or with that special someone of yours.

Heineken Voyage: legends aren’t born, they’re dropped

Heineken® have launched a new video series which has raised the stakes in entertaining beer commercials.

“Voyage” is a series that takes participants out of the comfort zone of their daily lives and are placed into unknown situations where they will be forced to rely on their own resourcefulness to get out of each situation.

The participants are different men from all around the world and they are all dropped into remote exotic locations with only the most basic supplies and directions to get by. For example, a participant could be “Dropped” alone on a freezing glacier in Alaska, with only a giant life-ring, a tuxedo and a plane ticket. From there they must work out how to get home.

This series is like a reality tv show but in ad-length format, making them a quick and entertaining watch. Each episode is unscripted, so what you see is the result of each adventurers decisions and the actions they take aloong the way.

If you feel like you are up to the challenge of being “Dropped” into a far-flung destination and getting into your own legendary travel adventure then you can also apply by video as well.

So visit here to check out the Dropped Alaska official trailer.

The best golfers and the best courses in the world

Golf is fast becoming one of the most popular and most followed sports in the world. Here’s our top five golfers in the world right now, and a look at some of the best golf courses in the countries they’re from.

1. Tiger Woods
Topping the current official World Golfing rank at the moment, American-born Tiger Woods’ status as a golfing legend seems to be growing and growing. Play like Tiger on the Pebble Beach golf course in California; often regarded as one of America’s best. Part of four courses in the resort, the course has been host to the US Open Championships on a number of occasions, the most recent being in 2010. Eighteen holes await you at this challenging course that every golfer needs to experience at least once.

2. Rory McIlroy
Rory McIlroy is one of the best young golfing talents to emerge from Northern Ireland in recent years. Play on the Royal County Down golf club, which is situated in McIlroy’s hometown of County Down and is bookable through Golf Kings. Stretching along the shores of Dundrum Bay, the course is open to golfers of all abilities, whilst offering breath-taking views of the surrounding area.

3. Justin Rose
Winner of the 2013 US Open, Justin Rose has certainly done England’s golfing status proud. Visit North Hants golf club, the course that Justin regularly trained at in his youth, and see if you can match his ability. Whilst perhaps not the longest course in England, these greens will definitely challenge your ability, with its tricky holes that will really get you thinking.

4. Adam Scott
Australian-born Adam Scott has achieved worldwide fame through his excellent golfing ability. Practice your golfing skills at the West course at the Royal Melbourne Golf Club; often regarded as being the oldest and best course in Australia. With a minimum handicap of 36 for men and 45 for women, the course is not for beginners but is sure to provide a complex yet enjoyable days golfing for all who take part.

5. Henrik Stenson
A regular on the PGA and European tours, Henrik Stenson is one of Sweden’s most famous golfers. Despite only opening in 2007, Bro Hof Slot is one of the best golf courses that Sweden has to offer. Incredibly versatile, the course is perfect for golfers of all abilities as players are able to choose which route you take and the strength of the difficulties you face.

Visit these courses and take on the professionals!

Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport must be famous mostly among those folk in Fife, Stirling or Perth; Glaswegians requiring something other than the flights they can get out Prestwick; and Londoners on business trips making the weekly commute. But, yes, there is an airport in Edinburgh! It’s handy in its location and facilities and, because of the range of flights heading in and out of this little hub, it gets a thumbs up from me (a self-confessed travel-addict) and a recommendation for running checks on available flights for cheap deals.

My latest Edinburgh Airport experience included a stay at the Hilton Airport Hotel, Edinburgh. It was well-worth planning ahead to get the night before to relax, work out, eat a decent meal and get a great night’s sleep ahead of my long-haul flight. The dedicated airport shuttle that takes you through the outskirts of Edinburgh (for a bargain return journey ticket price) makes for a stress-free connection. For anyone heading in from Glasgow, it’s a short stretch East along the A8. Flyers from Stirling come via the M9 and those from Perth down the M90. Parking is well-catered for so you can check out the short or long term stays if that’s going to be most convenient for you.

In terms of restaurants, pubs, bars and shops, there is everything you would expect from a compact, efficient hub, as well as the ever-important duty free shopping – of course famous for world class whiskies. The atmosphere is very relaxed, in the rolling countryside just outside Edinburgh, so for those looking for a hassle-free connection or peaceful start to a holiday I would encourage people to take a look at the flights heading out from the two runways. For stats buffs, I noticed on a rather cute poster that they see more than 100,000 flights passing through each year – not too shabby!

Having enjoyed an evening in Edinburgh the night before my flight, and having passed through Fife’s transport hub a few times before, my high expectations of welcoming Scottish service wasn’t disappointed. Check-in is no nonsense and breezy. My coffee was just how I asked for it and I wasn’t rushed off, but left to enjoy my book and downtime ahead of flying. This must be especially because the mood is far removed from that you get in the bigger airports.

I realised after all this chilling out I had forgot to pack my adapter, but was pleasantly surprised to pick up a bargain set in the airport so that mild panic was over as soon as it started. Anyone wanting to change money can use the bureau. I noticed plenty of cute gifts, and of course classic Scottish souvenirs featuring the Saltire and tartan in appropriate amounts for those not wishing to return home empty-handed! Everyone seemed to be enjoying their snacks and drinks ahead of flying out, and the lounges are plenty spacious and comfortable. This is definitely a very different mode of flying, and one that everyone should try in my opinion!

7 Quirkiest Cities in America

Do you consider yourself a travel geek? Do you love to visit the surreal, odd, and downright strange places in the world? Well, if you’re looking for quirky travel ideas, then look no further than some of these quirky cities in America. They’re bound to leave you talking and give you plenty of photo album fodder for months to come.


1 – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon tops most lists in terms of being a totally geeky travel destination. From the city’s growing food cart scene to the many odd attractions – the world’s smallest park, statues that have inspired TV shows – as well as one of the world’s “hipster” capitals, Portland is quirky.

2 – Asheville, North Carolina

Similar to Portland, Asheville is a food cart and brewery haven. But despite being home to such famous luxury resorts like the Grove Park Inn and the Biltmore, inner Asheville is filled with unique, strange restaurants (think weird combinations, like Hawaiian and Mexican), and crazy tours, like the famous purple bus!

3 – Key West, Florida

Key West is so quirky it almost detached itself from the United States. Tucked away at the tip of florida, connected only by a two lane causeway to the mainland (and closer to Cuba than anything else), Key West is a party town perfect for just about anyone. Beaches are fun, bars are raucous, shops are wild. Geeks who want to let loose come to Key West.

4 – Seattle, Washington

Although mostly known as the city of grunge rock and Starbucks, Seattle has a lot of quirk going on (perhaps it is a Pacific Northwest thing?) Highlights of a quirky tour would include the infamous gum wall – don’t touch! – the massive Fremont troll, and then a wander through the city’s many neighborhoods, all of which can be unique and different.

5 – Austin, Texas

When you visit Austin you won’t believe you’re in Texas. The city is a magnet for unique culture, entrepreneurs, and a fantastic lifestyle that feels decidedly not Texas, which is often cited as being old fashioned. Whether you go for a traditional BBQ or sampling the city’s cupcake parlors, get a tattoo, or go for a run along the inner city lake, you’ll love the Austin lifestyle.

6 – Providence, Rhode Island

When you strip out a massive freeway and put in canals and public parks in a downtown American city, what do you go? The awesomeness that is Providence. Known as America’s “creative capital,” Providence has its famous Waterfire festival each summer, but even if you can’t make it, enjoy some of the gastronomic delights and perhaps a spot of shopping as well.

7 – San Francisco, California

Perhaps easily called America’s “original” quirky town, San Francisco has always been a “life life however you want” town and thus you have neighborhoods of all shapes and sizes. Whether you want to explore drag queen bars or walk down the world’s crookedest streets, you can do all that here in this town, as well as great daytrips to vineyards and beaches. What’s not to like?