Visiting Vienna

To anyone planning to visit the historical city of Vienna either as a student, tourist or a professional related visit, we recommend highly the VIENNA / NOW YouTube biweekly series.

In every series, Chris Cummins a journalist who is a self confessed Viennese citizen by choice who is originally a British national explores the different aspects of Vienna.

VIENNA/ NOW offers a a visual guide to this history-rich city with a diverse culture. It is the world capital of music and legendary art.

Vienna is considered a melting pot of major world cultures due to its preference as a global destination. This means that any visitor will need an inside view of this city to adequately enjoy it and have the full experience of Vienna.

Vienna Now

Chris Cummins has managed to provide a resource that offers practical and insightful advice. Every series focuses on a particular aspect of the city from its culture, people, food, cathedrals, museums, nightlife, upcoming events, language, accommodation and many more. Chris also provides an introduction to the Viennese language and offers commonly used phrases that will help you to interact with the other people.

A survival tips section that is hilarious is geared to help you to navigate through any difficult situation you may find yourself in. Professionally done and presented VIENNA/ NOW is available on you tube on a dedicated page by the same title.

Every visitor to a new cit or country looks for insider information that is practical, unbiased, insightful and relevant. VIENNA/ NOW offers all these and much more. You can subscribe to their channel and not miss out on the any new series.

Chris Cummings combines his great love for this city and his professional training and experience to provide a world class presentation that totally is the number one source of information to any visitor to Vienna.

Here is a sample episode to get you inspired.

Things To See And Do In Vienna

Planning a trip to Vienna, Austria? You will be happy to know there are many things to do in this great city. This article will give a brief insight at just some of the things you can do here.

The Imperial Palace

This Palace is truly magnificent. The President of Vienna resides in parts of this palace. It is in the center of the city and is accessible by public transport. Here, you can go on a guided tour. A silver collection is available for viewing. This is very monumental. It shows a wide range of items that the royals would use for dinning. An informative audio tour can also be used. This talks about the history of the palace. It also tells you what the royals would do in every day life. The Imperial Apartments are also worth viewing. A Sisi Museum is also at this palace.


The Imperial Treasury of Vienna

Visiting the Imperial Treasury of Vienna may cost a lot, but it truly is well worth the visit. Here you will see one of the biggest collection of Imperial treasures in the whole of Europe. You will also discover some of the vital parts of the Reliquary. If you have a keen interest in Catholic and European History then please come to this place. The Holy Roman Empire along with the Austrian Crown can also be viewed. We recommend you visit in the off-peak season. This means you will not run into crowds.

The Schonbrunner Gardens

The Schonbrunner Gardens contains many interesting things. Some of these things include: a sculpted garden area which can be found between the Sun Fountain and the Palace. The Sun Fountain is known as the Great Parterre. A French Garden is also available for viewing. This was created by Jean Trehet in 1965. A maze has also been designed here which visitors can enjoy. Other popular attractions include: A Palm House, a few basic luxuries from the European palaces, and the Tiergarten. If you are seeking a place to come and relax and to take time out, then you will appreciate the beauty offered in these stunning gardens. You could easily spend a whole day here.

The National History Museum

This fantastic Museum boasts all kinds of collections that have been presented extremely well. Audio explanations are available. These come at a nominal charge. A wide variety of creatures are also on display. The architecture of this building is gorgeous. Please allow more than three hours if you wish to view the Museum in full. There is also a restaurant underneath the glass dome that is also worth a visit. This is a great place for all ages, including children.

These are just a few of the things you can do in Vienna. We hope we have given you a good insight.
If you are interested visiting yourself, visit ImperialTalk. This website provides you with an opportunity to win a trip for two people to the beautiful city of Vienna. For more information about Vienna check out the ViennaTouristBoard.

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what to do in sardinia italy

When it comes to being able to relax on a vacation in a place where the only distraction is the blue sea and a variety of ancient monuments, there is no better place that you would rather be at than Sardinia in Italy. This is more so the case considering how budget friendly the place is not mention the amount of activities that you can engage in in this one of a kind place. The only thing that you should know before you head down to this one of a kind place is that in August it is a bit hectic since most of the accommodation is already taken up so you may want to go a bit earlier than that or later.

With that said, what are some of the things that you can be able to do when you take a visit to Sardinia?

Take a dip in the blue beaches.

One of the things that Sardinia is well known for is its blue beaches and the serene environment. There are a lot of things that you can do here. Seeing the beautiful land scape can be one of these can be a great starting point but the truth of the matter is given the temperatures, you might find it a bit more pleasant to take a dip in the blue waters that you will find this quite relaxing. The better part is that there are a lot of water sports that you can be able to participate in that are just as refreshing and exhilarating.

Marvel at the wildlife.

Aside from the abundant number of beaches that are present in Sardinia, you may also be relaxed to know that they also have a great variety of wildlife and you are free to take photos of these. While the place may be isolated this has provided a great opportunity for the land to host some unique and very intriguing animals as well as birds. The best part is that none of the animals in Sardinia are overly dangerous or poisonous which allows you to stroll the habitats without any worries. Some of the animals that you’re likely going to see include a unique breed of deer and foxes not to mention a wide variety of birds that include the Flamingo and the Chaffinch.

Visit the La Maddalena.

Another twist for the animal lovers is the national park known as Parco Nazionale Arcipelago Di La Maddalena. While it may be a great idea to be here so that you can see the wildlife, you may want to see the coastline of the French island which is clearly visible from the northern part of this national park. The site is simply breathtaking and may be quite the candy to the eye.

Sardinia offers such a great experience to some of tourists that they end up buying a luxury home that they can come to and be close the one of a kind experience for longer. If you happen to be one of those that would like to get a getaway home in Sardinia, you may need some help with a property finder, but you can rest guaranteed that it will be an experience that you will live to love and cherish. Here are some good contacts for finding property.

Golf holidays in the Algarve

Golf has become a global pastime. Keen golfers can jet of to any number of destinations for a golf holiday. One of the locations that is becoming more and more popular is the Algarve, perched in the southern tip of Portugal.


This historically rich peninsula, blessed with balmy weather year-round, is quickly becoming a must-do destination on any discerning golfer’s European itinerary. Visitors can explore ancient Roman ruins, stroll on long sandy beaches, taste exquisite seafood and discover the cobbled alleyways of old Moorish towns.

Golf holidays Algarve wouldn’t, of course, be worth considering if the courses were not up to scratch. Fortunately, the Algarve offers a number of high quality courses, from links and parkland to championship level.

Oceanio Faldo

One of the most renowned is the Oceanio Faldo. Designed by Nick Faldo, it sits in the undulating countryside of Amendoeira. The back nine especially offers some challenging terrain, as befitting a par 72 championship course. Rather than seeking to replicate the layout of courses in other European destinations, Oceanio Faldo really feels a part of this distinctive area of Portugal. Besides using the hills as part of the course, indigenous plants and cacti provide the foliage, while local limestone has been crushed to make the bunkers.


Golfers may like to combine a trip to Oceanio Faldo with a second round at the nearby Penina Golf course. Set in 360 acres, it is less than 20 km from the Faldo. Alongside two 9-hole courses and leisure distractions for the non-golfers in your party, the Penina boasts the 18-hole Sir Henry Cotton Championship Course, not only one of the best courses in the Algarve, but one of the best in Europe.

With these courses, and many more besides, the Algarve offers a great golfing experience.

Top Tourist Attractions in Spain

Well-known for its wonderful sunny coasts, beautiful beaches and lovely sunny weather, Spain has worldwide fame for its art, culture, architecture, cuisine, and many unique (bizarre too) Spanish cultural festivals. This historic and beautiful western European country is filled with numerous magnificent castles, palaces, world-class museums, and mediaeval sites. You will find buildings with superb architectural designs and touches throughout the country. Many tourists visit Spain just for its stunning sunny beaches and sunny weather. Spain has long been one of the most favorite all time tourist destinations on Earth, alluring people from across the world for centuries. Here we reveal some of the best Places to visit in Spain.

Zahara de los Atunes Cádiz

This small fishing village with stunning sunny beaches is visited mostly by locals. This place is also famous for world-class gastronomy. Basically, it is a lad-back and off-the-beaten-track place. The most developed beach is Atlanterra. The beaches are wide, clean and long, ideal for strolling. You can rent wooden bungalows or pitches overlooking the sea if you go to Bahia de la Plata which is very nearby this small town. The best food you should try here is delicious mojama (salt-cured tuna).


Ribadeo is a very small town which has one of the most spectacular beaches in the world. Its Playa de las Catedrales beach has the cathedral-like appearance from which the name originates. You can see the magnificent natural rock arches during low tide. Although it does not offer the best sand, sunbathing or nightlife, it is a truly incredible place to explore. You will be amazed by the cliffs and caves and the superb photo opportunities.


This is an old city dates to the 11th century and surrounded by the famous medieval walls. The World Heritage Site of Avila is also known as the”city of saints and stones”. Avila is the birthplace of Saint Teresa. The city is hugely fortified with a cathedral, nine gates and 82 towers.


This small town is home to some magnificent World Heritage Sites and other notable structures. Segovia is a day trip away from the Spanish capital of Madrid. The iconic Roman Aqueduct of Segovia and the old city of Segovia are World Heritage Sites. Other famous sites include the 11th-century Alcazar Fortress and the 16th-century Segovia Cathedral, the last Gothic cathedral built in Spain.


Córdoba is a magnificent city with many historic sites. It served as a former seat of Muslim power in Spain and flourished as the most populous city in the world under Islamic rulers in the 10th century. The influence of Muslim rule remains in the buildings, monuments, and other structures in the city. The Great Mosque (Mezquita) is the top attraction of Córdoba. UNESCO has declared the historic center of Córdoba as World Heritage Site to preserve its beautiful mosques and buildings.


Madrid is filled with many world-class art galleries, museums, historic buildings, and medieval sites. The Spanish capital is also famous for great food, nightlife, shopping and many other attractions. The Prado museum, 17th-century Royal Palace and the town square, Plaza Mayor are great tourist attractions in the city.


Barcelona is the most popular Spanish holiday or vacation destination. The second largest city in Spain is famous for its exciting nightlife, great food, salsa, festivals, beaches, monuments, and shopping. The Picasso Museum in Barcelona is one of the best tourist attractions in the city. Barcelona is home to 9 World Heritage Sites seven of which are works by world famous architect Antoni Gaudi. The most visited tourist attraction in the city is the church of the Sagrada Familia (Sacred Family), an unfinished Gaudi project that begun in 1882. It is expected to be completed in 2028.

A Bit About Spanish

Spain is the second largest country in Western Europe and the European Union with a population over 47 million (2012). Spanish is the native and official language of the country. It is also the second most spoken language in the United States and second most dominant spoken first language in the world. Spain is a great place to learn to speak Spanish. If you want to enjoy the most while traveling to Spain, learn to speak Spanish.

Spanish is a very methodical language and can be taught relatively easily. Besides, if you learn to speak Spanish you will find it very useful while travelling to Spain for business and higher studies. Spain is a beautiful country with gorgeous sunny coasts, amazing medieval sites with glorious past, magnificent museums, squares, parks, gardens, and cathedrals. It is an ideal place for lovely cultural city break, and late-night partying and clubbing. Any visit to Spain will leave a long-lasting impression on your mind.

The Ultimate Guide To Australia’s Gold Coast

Gold Coast is a vibrant, modern Aussie city located in Queensland on the east of the country. Australia’s sixth largest city stretches 57 kilometres along the stunning coastline and is crammed with breath-taking natural beauty and picturesque scenery.

The area offers plenty to a visitor and is particularly famed for its surf, sunshine and golden sands – hence the name. But the Gold Coast is more than just beaches. Its forests, waterways and upbeat community are often overshadowed.

The relaxed culture amongst locals is always a selling point for visitors and, although it would be easy to enjoy the natural beauty and bask in the sun all day, the region has a booming industrial network.

Gold Coast

The city of Gold Coast attracts approximately 12m visitors every year. What does this beautiful part of the world offer to keep this large number of tourists occupied?

Beach Life

Gold Coast, with its vast expanse, has every type of beach you could wish for. If you look for tranquil, relaxing beaches with beautiful stretches of sand and phenomenal views then Palm Beach, South Stradbroke Island and Currumbin is perfect.

Gold Coast

Or perhaps you are the type of person who cannot sit still. Coolangatta and Snapper Rocks provides fantastic surfing conditions and snorkelling spots. Glitter Strip is where all of the fun is at with sun soaked sand and warm clear waves. At Burleigh Hills you can enjoy gorgeous turquoise sea, white sand and an abundance of wildlife.

More upmarket spots, with cafes and bars, are found at Broadbeach and Main Beach. These beaches tend to get busier and there is more happening, with eateries, attractions and shops.


If the beach is not your scene or you simply need a break from the golden shores, the Gold Coast has a plethora of activities to entertain you.

At Warner Bros Movie World you can meet your favourite movie stars and super-heroes, whilst also enjoy some exhilarating adventure rides and movie attractions. It is the perfect day out for young families.

Dreamworld is Australia’s theme park. The biggest and best in the nation with the most rides, attractions and shows to keep young families and children entertained for hours. You will see Shrek, Kung Fu Panda and more than 500 native animals.

If you visit Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk you will be amazed by Gold Coast’s astonishing natural beauty. The stable, high-tech steel skywalk explores the rainforest canopies, as well as rock pools, butterfly lookouts and local history.

Gold Coast

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is pure natural, fun Australia. Cuddle a koala, say g’day to a kangaroo and see some of the most amazing Aus wildlife. Whilst this is a dream for young kids, you will find many adults and couples enjoying the animals, the shows and the tree-top ropes just as much.

Yes, it is true – Gold Coast is home to a Sea World! Feast your eyes on incredible oceanic animals, such as dolphins, sea lions, sharks and penguins. You will also encounter huge Polar Bears!

For a more grown-up day out, Gold Coast shopping is as modern and diverse as the city itself. There are a number of outlets and shopping centres, namely Harbour Town and Robina. Being a surf haven, there are also a number of specialist surfing shopping locations, like Centre Surfers Paradise and Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets.


After a busy day down on the luxurious sands or visiting one of the many attractions, Gold Coast has some fantastic restaurants with mouth-watering fare.

Allure on Currumbin serves French-themed dishes in a romantic dining atmosphere. The restaurant is considered one of the prime eating spots on the Gold Coast, cooking local produce perfect for a special occasion. Champagne Brasserie is another gem producing fantastic French fare in a similar atmosphere.

Gold Coast

If you are looking for traditional Aussie cuisine then The Little Plate is the perfect place for you to eat. A boutique restaurant with five star service and food, in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Similarly, Verve Restaurant Café and Bar serves modern Australian favourites and has won awards for its efforts.

Fiona Mayers is a writer for True Blue Migration, Australian immigration specialists.

Tierra Santa, Buenos Aires: a theme park like no other

[Photo credit: David Berkowitz]

If you’re going to Tierra Santa, Buenos Aires for the first time, you’re in for a treat. Even if you’ve been there before there’s sure to be a surprise or two in store for you because they’re always changing things up to get tourists coming back over and over again. Whether you’re traveling alone or with a group, we think you’re going to love all the theme park in Tierra Santa, Buenos Aires has to offer.

Tierra Santa, Buenos Aires Theme Park

Here’s a look at just some of the specific highlights you can expect to encounter while in Buenos Aires on vacation. Whether you’re looking for a spiritual journey or not, there’s a good chance you’re going to enjoy your time here. Just make sure you make enough time to see everything without feeling too rushed or hurried.

Religious Theme Park – The first thing you need to know is that this is the location of a religious theme park. This is different than most other theme parks around the planet, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it’s the main reason some people decide to visit in the first place.

Resurrection of Christ – One of the cool things you can do is relive the resurrection of Christ. Imagine being able to pray to God while experiencing what his son, Jesus Christ, went through when he was on Earth.

The Wailing Wall – Another cool feature of this theme park is that you can visit a replica of the Wailing Wall in the Holy City of Jerusalem. If you can’t make it to the real one, this is a good alternative.

Opened in 2001 – While you might not have heard about it before, the theme park actually first opened in 2001. Since then, it’s grown to become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area.

Archbishop of Buenos Aires – The park actually started when Jorge Mario Bergoglio was named the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, something that had never happened before in the regions long history.

Belly Dance Show – While it’s a religious theme park, you can actually see traditional belly dancers while you’re visiting. This is enough to make some travelers very happy. Be sure to bring your digital camera!

If you’re looking for a spiritual adventure that’s different than anything else you’ve experienced lately, you need to think about heading to Tierra Santa, Buenos Aires. There’s a good chance you’re going to have a life changing moment (or two) as you visit all the theme park has to offer. Whether you’re a Christian or not, it’s interesting to see all the work they put into this place. There’s nothing like seeing it up close and personal.

Written by: Sara Xiang writes about business events in Thailand because the topic really interests her. As a professional writer, she tries to take her passion for travel and transfer it to others using words.

Southeast USA Fall Roadtrips

The Southeast is home to some of the best travel destinations in the United States. Whether you prefer Nashville’s thriving music scene or the laid-back beaches of South Carolina’s beautiful Atlantic coast, it’s hard to beat the region when it comes to diversity of experiences available.

The appeal of the American Southeast is heightened for U.S. travelers who feel the pull of the open road. A long list of iconic highways snake their way through the Southeast. Breathtaking scenery like the Great Smoky Mountains and the Ross Barnett Reservoir offer the perfect backdrop for thrilling moments and lifelong memories.

Southeast USA Fall Roadtrips

Top 4 Royal Gardens That You Must Wanna See

Have you ever seen royal palaces and gardens? These are true representations of culture, history and the ancient beauty and art work. Royal palaces are designed with best architectures and stones, and royal gardens present in these palaces enhance the beauty of these locations. Do you want to know best royal gardens of the world? In this article you will see best royal gardens that are famous due to their exotic beauty. Have a look at these palaces.

Top 5 royal gardens of the world:

Listed below are the top 5 green rare gardens that were used for the parties and the royal get-together in ancient times and now they are providing best places to enjoy the nature.

Buckingham Palace, London – The garden of this Palace is located at the west of Buckingham Palace. The garden covers a green area of about 42 acres that makes it a huge place to enjoy the nature and flowers. Four sides of this Garden have galleries, Mews, Park corners and the other places. The Royal garden is very large and has place for tennis court, a helipad and the summerhouse. The palace is not open for public generally, but when it is opened in August and September, you can visit this Riyal garden.

Royal Pavilion Garden Brighton – The Indian style palace is very famous and gardens and the parks around the palace are exciting. The royal Palace Pavilion gardens are designed at the time of the revolution in landscapes in the 18th century. The garden is decorated with curved paths, massive groups of trees and the pictorial views. You will enjoy the attractive pictorial views with a shady sanctuary while your trip to this Garden Palace. Early spring, full spring, summer and the early autumn are the most exciting seasons of flowers in which you can see the beautiful flowers of rose, lilac, daffodils, yellow broom and a long list of other colorful varieties.

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew – London Botanic gardens are popular because of their botanical history and the large landscape of lush green beauty all around the garden. Visit this beatific place to enjoy the nature with colors and exciting pictorial views. Even if you are not nature enthusiast, you should never miss this garden. Greenhouses and similar attraction in the Kew gardens are amusements for worldwide tourists.

Royal Gardens Herrenhausen – The place was created in the 18th century by ornamental box trees that gives a true natural scene when combines with 30,000 varieties of summer flowers. Have you ever seen such a huge variety of flowers in summer? Sure you will not have a chance to explore. Do not wait and visit Royal gardens of Herrenhausen this summer. You will enjoy your trip because there are other places to explore near these gardens including museums, theaters and the university.

Royal palace and gardens show your linkage with the history and royal times, but the places are still in use and offering best recreation points in their peak visiting months. You should also visit these royal gardens during your free time to relax and enjoy the greenery spread in these landscapes.

Flores bell is travel planner that helps arrange different worldwide tours for families and couples. He offers beautiful trips to worlds best destinations that are lush with green grass and enthralling beauty. He also writes for SGW for artificial grass Austin.

Great Things to Do In Barbados

Barbados is a dream destination when it comes to holidays in the sun. It is located in the Caribbean and has gorgeous white sand beaches and clear warm waters. Initially, it was just known for its sugar exports to the United States and different places all over the world, but currently, it is one of the most sought after holiday destinations. If you are planning for a holiday somewhere warm then check out Travelbag for inspiration. Here are some highlights of things to do and see in Barbados.

1. Get friendly with the turtles

Barbados is the gem of the Caribbean Sea and upon its shores you can find the perfect blend of pristine beaches, rich culture, fresh ocean breeze, unique crafts colourful entertainment that is full of friendly people. Creating a memorable vacation for you and your family is not a hard task since there is a wide range of options to choose from. You can visit Carlisie Bay, which is popular due to its cool breeze, and you can spend your time swimming with the friendly turtles.

2. Visit the daring Harrison Cave

If you are not sure where you should start when planning your Barbados holidays, hiring a travel agent can prove to be very useful since they know all the hot spots. Travelers who are visiting for the first time will recommend Harrison Cave, which is located in Central Barbados. The Barbados Harrison Cave is a must see when on vacation. It is a breathtaking underground cave system that has amazing crystallized formations and caverns. This is actually one of the most popular tourist attractions in Barbados. The visitor’s experience begins at the top of the cliff at the location overlooking the floor of the valley.

3. Attend kite board lessons

If you are travelling with the family, there are many activities, which can give you and your children enjoyable time in Barbados such as kite board lesson. This is the perfect place to learn this thrilling activity. Even if you lack interest in knowing this sport, you can find the beaches near Silver Sands to watch talented individuals kite boarding.

4. Join a hiking club

You can go hiking. Local websites run all the hikes all over the island weekly. They are entertaining and friendly. Actually this is a great way to meet people while enjoying the landscape.

5. Bask in the Caribbean sun while enjoying the horse ride

The atmosphere in Barbados is great for horse riding. Garrison Savannah Horse Racing has been ranked as a top activity in Barbados. A day at the race will give you a totally different experience as you enjoy the tasty Bajan cuisine.

6. Visit Oistins Fish Fry

Your trip to Barbados will be incomplete with failure to attend the Friday night fish fry at the famous Oistins. This is the place has no waiter service, white table clothes or table reservation. It is an outdoor street eating joint that has plenty of affordable food and alcohol. The smell of baked pork, salt fish cakes, chicken barbeque, as well as fried flying fish make it irresistible.

This is actually a few of the things that you do see and do while in Barbados. Once you are there, you will have the real feeling and experience of its great tourist attractions.

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