A brief guide to Dubai

If you want to spend your holiday in a fascinating emerging city, then visit Dubai. It is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab of Emirates and it is the most progressive one. It is only 5 hours away from Europe. It may be a desert but it is a city with superb infrastructure that draws a lot of tourists. It is the perfect destination for partying, shopping, sunbathing, fine dining, and sporting events. The climate of Dubai tends to be very hot on summer between May to September. If you like a pleasant weather, then come between end of September to beginning of May.

Dubai is an Islamic county although it has many influences outside. It still follow strict Islam Laes. Islam is the official religion, so you have to be careful to follow their rules. Here are some tips to get along Dubai that will not get you into trouble.

Do not eat in public when it is the month of Ramadan, it is prohibited from sunrise to sunset so you should eat inside your hotel.

Avoid criticizing the ruling family of any seven Emirates or perhaps just do not talk about the politics or any of their world affairs.

When you are in a public area like Naser Square or Deira, as any tourist would when they are on a holiday, secure your belongings on a safe place.

Avoid displaying your affections publicly if you don’t want to meet the jail warden.

Just be sure to respect the local people and avoid upsetting them, as every tourists will do that of course. As part of your preparation when vacationing, read the laws of the country first to avoid trouble.

Where to Go?

Dubai Gold Souk – You can buy gold here un-taxable. It is the cheapest gold haven for gold lovers. Their gold came from Asia and neighboring countries.

Global Village Dubai – Situated in Dubailand, it is the world’s largest leisure, entertainment and tourism project. With diverse cultures it gathers all cultural, entertainment and shopping destination from across the world.

Art Galleries in Dubai – If you want to see some arts, visit Art Galleries in Dubai. Its artists are from different regions sharing their art works in this gallery. Arts from Dubai are rapidly becoming world recognized.

Desert Safari – An action – packed trips are offered in this magnificent desert. You can enjoy the sight and experience the remote camel and goat farms by a half – day, whole – day or an overnight stay.

What to Eat?

When you are in Dubai you should try the food that is widely available on the streets, Shawarma. It is the Arabic’s version of burger. A meat that has been cooked in skewer then cut into strips and placed into kuhbus/pita bread with vegetables and dressing.

There are also American fast food chains in Dubai like KFC, Chillis, TGI Fridays, Starbucks and McDonalds.

A newbie tourist to Dubai will definitely get confused of what to do next because it just offers an abundance of attractions, activities, shopping and nightlife. Just remember the list here and you will never go wrong.