what to do in sardinia italy

When it comes to being able to relax on a vacation in a place where the only distraction is the blue sea and a variety of ancient monuments, there is no better place that you would rather be at than Sardinia in Italy. This is more so the case considering how budget friendly the place is not mention the amount of activities that you can engage in in this one of a kind place. The only thing that you should know before you head down to this one of a kind place is that in August it is a bit hectic since most of the accommodation is already taken up so you may want to go a bit earlier than that or later.

With that said, what are some of the things that you can be able to do when you take a visit to Sardinia?

Take a dip in the blue beaches.

One of the things that Sardinia is well known for is its blue beaches and the serene environment. There are a lot of things that you can do here. Seeing the beautiful land scape can be one of these can be a great starting point but the truth of the matter is given the temperatures, you might find it a bit more pleasant to take a dip in the blue waters that you will find this quite relaxing. The better part is that there are a lot of water sports that you can be able to participate in that are just as refreshing and exhilarating.

Marvel at the wildlife.

Aside from the abundant number of beaches that are present in Sardinia, you may also be relaxed to know that they also have a great variety of wildlife and you are free to take photos of these. While the place may be isolated this has provided a great opportunity for the land to host some unique and very intriguing animals as well as birds. The best part is that none of the animals in Sardinia are overly dangerous or poisonous which allows you to stroll the habitats without any worries. Some of the animals that you’re likely going to see include a unique breed of deer and foxes not to mention a wide variety of birds that include the Flamingo and the Chaffinch.

Visit the La Maddalena.

Another twist for the animal lovers is the national park known as Parco Nazionale Arcipelago Di La Maddalena. While it may be a great idea to be here so that you can see the wildlife, you may want to see the coastline of the French island which is clearly visible from the northern part of this national park. The site is simply breathtaking and may be quite the candy to the eye.

Sardinia offers such a great experience to some of tourists that they end up buying a luxury home that they can come to and be close the one of a kind experience for longer. If you happen to be one of those that would like to get a getaway home in Sardinia, you may need some help with a property finder, but you can rest guaranteed that it will be an experience that you will live to love and cherish. Here are some good contacts for finding property.

Highlights of Tuscany

Tuscany is a very popular holiday destination located on the west coast of Italy. This spectacular place boasts of a ton of magnificent attractions. Its rich history and culture, famous towns and cities, fantastic food, great wine, beautiful scenery, attractive beaches and amazing weather are some of the reasons as to why it is a haven for most holiday makers.

The following are some of the top attractions in Tuscany that will take your breath away:

1. Florence

Florence is a beautiful city that is fully blessed with a rich history, culture, art, sumptuous delicacies, amazing wine and magnificent architecture. The city also has several interesting museum, galleries and gardens. Art lovers will have a fantastic time here.

2. Lucca

Lucca is best known for its well-preserved walls in the whole of Italy. There are cycling paths and beautiful botanical gardens on top of the walls. This means you can walk around on top of the walls as your eyes are treated to a breath taking view of this beautiful city. There are many nice restaurants and places where you can do your shopping all over the city. Lucca was once called “The city of a hundred churches”, because there was literally a church in every corner. However today, it has become a haven for artisans and art lovers. The bread here is simply delicious and heavenly fresh.

3. Sienna

Siena is an ancient hill town best known for its large piazza that is shaped like a fan, horse races in summer, many galleries and museums. The town also has a medieval cathedral known as the Cathedral of Siena. Its history, interior décor and architecture will greatly fascinate you. Make sure you get to sample some this town’s unleavened fruit cake, cheese and wine.

4. The wine region of Chianti Classico

Most of Italy’s best wines come from Tuscany, specifically the Chianti Classico area. This region lies between the cities of Sienna and Florence. The Brolio Castle and Barone Ricasoli winery are some of the region’s best places for wine tasting. Chianti Classico has a beautiful scenery and picturesque little villages perfect for picnics, scenic drives and leisure walks.

5. Montecatini Terme

There is nothing more relaxing than a spa in one of Italy’s most famous spa towns. Montecatini Terme is known for its thermal waters and historic spas. The town’s classy spas are well equipped with modern equipment. The Terme Tettuccio for instance is an amazing spa where you can enjoy your spa treatment while being entertained to great music performances. The town in general has this relaxing ambience and marvelous architecture.

Getting around Tuscany

You can get around Tuscany by bus and train. It is also possible to fly to the major cities of Pisa and Florence. However for convenience it is advisable that you rent a car online. Go to carrentalfairy.com and choose a car of your choice and suitability. Hiring a car will give you an easy time exploring the little towns of Tuscany and all the other amazing places this fabulous holiday destination in Italy has to offer. For further on great cheap holidays abroad check out www.travelrepublic.co.uk.

Catania: History, Paradise and Sicily’s Pride

Italy is a place teeming with pasta, pizza and all of the wonderful things and the simple pleasures of life can give you. Art is regarded highly in this part of Europe and the culture and the food are reflective of these things.

This is why even in the small towns that are outside of the mainland of Italy, specifically Catania that is just off the special region of Sicily is a place that is bursting with colors, cultures and flavors that you couldn’t find anywhere else. In this region, art and life blends well together as spaghetti goes well with marinara sauce and a fresh sprig of basil.


Upon arriving at the Catania Fontanarossa Airport, you will see that local Sicilians and Catanians are very cultured. In the city proper, you will find a number of museums, historical landmarks and feats of architecture that are like nowhere else in the world. Places such as the Piazza Duomo, The Teatro Missimo Bellini, an homage to the wonderful composer, the Palazzo de Elefanti which also doubles as a town hall and a museum and the Palazzo Biscari. Which is a celebration of the Roccoco design when it comes to the homes of the 17th century. These are just some of the many buildings that you can find strewn around the wonderful city of Catania.


As far as cuisine goes for Catania, the choices are quite the same as with the rest of the Italian Peninsula, but it surely is a version that only Catanians would know. One of their regional dishes is a classic take on pasta. Known as Pasta alla Norma, it is a pasta dish that uses more vegetables and is more like a pasta salad than it is a starch loaded dish.

For those who have the sweet tooth, Catania has something to offer to you as well. With dishes such as the classic Granita, which is a lighter and healthier version of the Gelato, you can have you sweet treat without feeling heavy at all.

How to Get There

From almost any major European city, there is a non-stop flight to and from Catania Fontanarossa Airport. From there, you can take a cheap car hire Catania Airport service that can make you hotel transfers or give you a glimpse of the city through the car. This is a very convenient service that you can hire easily because if you’re traveling, the last thing that you would want to worry about is getting a cab from the airport to your hotel. Hiring such as service can save you a lot of time and money so that you can savor the experience and the joy of being in such a wonderful, historical and a gusto satisfying place such as Catania, right in the heart of Sicily. Rather than searching multiple car hire companies, check out cheap car hire rates, which will search the available car hire companies on one site and compare the the cheapest rates, whether it be in Catania or cheap car hire Alicante .

Where to go and what to eat in Rome

A visit to Rome will be like visiting the past, definitely an ancient experience. Rome is the Capital of Italy and it is known as the Eternal City. There are 2.7 million residents in the city. Its climate during summer is hot with temperature of 35 degrees Celsius at midday and mid-winter is mild that visit the country on December. The language in Rome and throughout Italy is Italian.

Where to Go?

The Colosseum – Colosseo – It is the largest monument in existence from Imperial Romena and possesses a huge amphitheater that was home to fierce gladiators and wild animal fights. You can visit the place via dei Fori Imperiali.

The Roman Forum – “Foro Romano” is one of the city’s most important archaeological sites.

The Pantheon – Italy’s best preserved ancient building that started out as a pagan temple and then became a church. There is a nice piazza in front of it that makes a for a lovely place for an evening drink.

The Capitoline Hill – A great place to great an overview of the Roman Forum. The important site of the hill is the grand Piazza del Campidoglio designed by Michelangelo. There are two important museums that have an impressive collection of sculptures, paintings, frescoes, and mosaics.

Piazza Navona – A lively piazza surrounded by upscale cafes. At its center are three lavish fountains.

The Villa Borghese – has the Galleria Borghese, with a large collection of famous sculptures and paintings.

Saint Peter’s Basilica – Basilica di San Pietro is the largest Roman Catholic building in the world. It has important works by Michelangelo and Bernini. Although not really in Rome, Vatican City is a popular destination for travelers in Rome.

Vatican Museums – Musei Vaticani – the largest museum complex in the whole world has the art revolving for 3000 years from the Classical and modern world. Here you can see the Sistine Chapel with Michelangelo’s frescoes.

What to Eat?

There is nothing to worry about on where to eat in Rome because there nice places to eat everywhere. From family run trattorias and pizzerias, to fancier, hip restaurants, Rome knows how to quench your hunger and satisfy her visitors with her savoury specialties. Roman food is a popular, yet simple one. It is rich in flavours and character and full of many mouth-watering recipes.

The typical Roman food is based on fresh vegetables (the king is definitely the artichoke, whether deep fried, simmered in olive oil with garlic and mint, or “alla giudia”). Cheap cuts of meats (the so called “quinto quarto,” meaning mainly innards, cooked with herbs and hot chilli pepper). It also consists of deep fried, tasty appetizers (such as salted cod and filled zucchini blossoms) and sharp “pecorino cheese” (made from sheep’s milk from the nearby countryside), a very important ingredient in many recipes.

As Italy’s best food signature, the pasta which is a staple for every Italian and therefore every Roman, showcases from “carbonara” to spaghetti “ajo e ojo” (simple but very tasteful with mix of olive oil, garlic and chili pepper), from rigatoni “con pajata” to a hearty, fragrant soup such as “pasta e ceci.”

There are few Roman desserts, and they are mainly connected to festivities (Carnival, Eastern or Christmas). They are definitely worth a try, however, especially the ricotta cake, which is made with fresh ricotta cheese mixed with sugar, lemon, vanilla, candied fruits, pine nuts and raisins.