Golf holidays in the Algarve

Golf has become a global pastime. Keen golfers can jet of to any number of destinations for a golf holiday. One of the locations that is becoming more and more popular is the Algarve, perched in the southern tip of Portugal.


This historically rich peninsula, blessed with balmy weather year-round, is quickly becoming a must-do destination on any discerning golfer’s European itinerary. Visitors can explore ancient Roman ruins, stroll on long sandy beaches, taste exquisite seafood and discover the cobbled alleyways of old Moorish towns.

Golf holidays Algarve wouldn’t, of course, be worth considering if the courses were not up to scratch. Fortunately, the Algarve offers a number of high quality courses, from links and parkland to championship level.

Oceanio Faldo

One of the most renowned is the Oceanio Faldo. Designed by Nick Faldo, it sits in the undulating countryside of Amendoeira. The back nine especially offers some challenging terrain, as befitting a par 72 championship course. Rather than seeking to replicate the layout of courses in other European destinations, Oceanio Faldo really feels a part of this distinctive area of Portugal. Besides using the hills as part of the course, indigenous plants and cacti provide the foliage, while local limestone has been crushed to make the bunkers.


Golfers may like to combine a trip to Oceanio Faldo with a second round at the nearby Penina Golf course. Set in 360 acres, it is less than 20 km from the Faldo. Alongside two 9-hole courses and leisure distractions for the non-golfers in your party, the Penina boasts the 18-hole Sir Henry Cotton Championship Course, not only one of the best courses in the Algarve, but one of the best in Europe.

With these courses, and many more besides, the Algarve offers a great golfing experience.

Lisbon Travel Guide

Lisbon is a colourful and a charming city which has the ability to lighten people’s soul. It has beautiful marble mosaic pavements that can be seen on every step of this beautiful city. Lisbon has housed some of the greatest artists of renaissance period, so creativity and art can be seen everywhere in the city. It is a great place to get inspired and relaxed at the same time. Here are some of the things to do and see in Lisbon.

Take a tram – Tram is the best way to see some of the most beautiful sights in Lisbon. Sitting in a vintage wooden carriage and seeing historic streets and shopping plazas of Lisbon would be an unforgettable experience. While sitting in this vintage tram you can also see beautiful castles and churches present on the hills of Alfama. Fare of this train is €2.80.

Torre de Belém – This historic tower guards the entrance to the city’s harbour. This tower has beautiful and intricate stone work. One can also see beautiful Atlantic views from the tower of Belem.

Sintra – Sintra is an aristocratic hill town and it is located to the west of Lisbon. This place can be best described as a playground for fairies and Neverland characters. This fairytale place entails castles, well maintained gardens and beautiful woodlands. Train to Sintra departs from the city of Rossio every 20 minutes and it takes about 40 minutes to reach this fairy tale place.

Beaches and more – Just outside of Lisbon are some of the best city beaches in Europe. Cascais and Estroil are ideal destinations for beach lovers and a great place to escape from the city heat.

Festas da Lisboa – This is the biggest festival that is organised in the city to celebrate saint Anthony. It is a wide affair of street parties, mayor blessed weddings and costume parades. This festival takes place annually on July 12 and is a must watch.

Drink 1 or 2 Ginjinha – Ginjinha is a famous vibrant cherry alcoholic drink of Lisbon. This drink is readily available in the suburbs of Bairo Alto. This is a must try drink if you enjoy your alcoholic beverages.

If you are planning to visit the city of Lisbon then consider learning Portuguese before you go. By learning beforehand you can arrive and start to interact with the local population immediately. Not only will that enhance your trip to Lisbon, but it will also enhance your CV as employees will be impressed that you have taken time to learn a new language. Learning Portuguese online can be fun, time and money saving. Learn Portuguese online and make your trips to Portugal (and Brazil) more enjoyable.

The end of Europe, Portugal

By Vera Petryk

I wanted to get to the end of the world, but money let me reach only the end of Europe. This is how I got to Portugal, the country that you never want to leave.

The first thought that stroke my head was Portugal history. I couldn’t help but wonder why did Portuguese sailors wanted to leave such beauty as Lisbon, Porto and Madeira.

Lisbon and Porto are most visited cities in Portugal, nevertheless, they managed to keep the prices pretty low. So if you want to save some money below is a list of things that will help you keeping your budget.

Public transport
First and most important tip in saving money in Portugal is usage of public transport. The country has a well-designed system of transportation that allows you to see all of Portuguese attractions.

N.º 22 — Portela / Aeroporto / Marquês de Pombal

N. º 44 — Moscavide / Aeroporto / Cais do Sodré – these buses go every day, the cost of the ticket is only 1,20 Euro.

Depending on your lifestyle and habits there are different places you can go to sleep in. The most famous are hostels. So-called youth choices for travelling are nice and comfortable dorms where each can get one of the 5-7 beds, shower, laundry and a free breakfast. The number of hostels in Portugal is uncountable so that anyone can find the one that is just right. Popular budget housing is renting apartments. You are renting them directly from owners through the internet or even by a phone. Most apartments have 1-2 bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. The prices are depending on a location but are usually not more than 50 Euros per night.

Eating out
Portuguese cuisine is very mild and filling. It is known mostly for its extravagant fish recipes, imagine, that there are more than 1000 recipes how to cook codfish! In order to save some Euros I recommend eating at Portuguese canteens: they are rather busy and loud but the food quality is truly impressive. In such place you can eat a head off for less than 10 Euros. As for snacks, you can buy tortillas or “francesinha”, (little French lady), it is a sandwich made of two pieces of bread, meat and many-many olives.

As you see there are a lot of things that can save your budget. Most important is that the country is filled with fabulous spots and interesting places that you will surely appreciate during your budget trip to Portugal.